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    So I know this sounds crazy but let me explain, I’m currently living in the UK, I’m 17 and depressed. This year my depression has become severely bad to the point where I could not care less if I live or not. I live in an abusive household, (my dad becomes drunk and high from weed, shouts at my mum, sometimes things get violent I’ve tried to interfere but I just end up with bruises, my Mum won’t leave him and blames it all on me, she makes me feel worthless and only cares about my brother), my friends couldn’t care less if I turn up to school or not and I constantly feel like i am just a burden to them, and I’m failing my A-Levels.

    Basically I’m going nowhere with my life and I just want to escape from it all, and I realised living without fear is something most people don’t get to experience, so why don’t I just do something I’ve always wanted to do, anything is better than the situation I’m in now.

    My only happy memories are in New York from when I went on a school trip with the best teachers, and some of friends, we had the best time, I love the city.

    My dad inherited £130000 from my gran passing away, I know his bank details so I had the idea to put £5000 in my bank and leave (he’s a horrible person with a high income job, I don’t feel guilty about taking it) but what to I do when I get to nyc? How do I get a job? Where can I stay, at this point I would go homeless anything is better than now. When I am older I want to make films, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at and I enjoy, I will bring my camera stuff with my and create a portfolio while I’m nyc of films, would it be possible to get a job lower down in a production company as like an assistant and work my way up? What kind of visa do I get?

    How about rather than running away, get a part-time job, start saving money and then move out of the house and get your own place or rent a room somewhere? I know it's hard but I would say if you're in school, finish and get your A-levels, then after that you can either decide to get student finance and go to uni somewhere or get a full-time job. I wouldn't just decide to move out like that and have the idea that you will make it in life, because realistically you won't as harsh as it sounds.

    You wouldn't be able to get a job without legal immigration documentation, but it's not as simple as just 'getting a visa'.

    Unless you marry an American (fiance(e) visa) or have an existing job offer from a US employer (employment visa), you won't have much chance.

    The UK is excluded from the 'visa lottery' too.

    £5000 ain’t gonna get you far,
    I’d say £50000 and you good for the year!

    If your dad did report you and got a criminal conviction (they can do this in the U.K. even if you’re not here I believe) which means you usually get blacklisted from visiting America (unless the embassy is aware prior to you travelling and makes an exception) but even something like drink driving means you can’t travel to America. My point, you’ll get deported back to the U.K. and I don’t think your family would take you back in so...
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    (Original post by ecolier)
    I thought we established that it is not realistic for you to escape to NYC with just £5k, and no official papers? Plus you would be getting into lots of trouble with stealing £5k and potentially having to blackmail your father into giving you the money.
    Yea I posted this like before the other one I posted but then it got reviewed by an administrator so it posted after
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