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Why Am I Obsessed With My Weight watch

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    Some of you may have seen in my last post, that I am going through a slightly tough time at University with lack of friends, no luck in the relationship department and *****y living conditions with my live-in landlady.

    Two and a half years ago I recovered from an eating disorder.
    But I fear I have not recovered fully...My first year of Uni was okay and I don't remember going on a diet.
    Second year it came back occasionally, meaning some weeks I would be fine eating a Domino's, or a large meal at a restaurant, whereas other weeks I wouldn't want to eat anything and go on a diet.

    Now, I'm in my final year and have started using laxatives again, whilst trying to lose as much weight as possible.
    My food for the day will be something like: bread and sweetcorn.
    Or vegetable soup and an egg the next day.
    I have thought about going to a tutor for help, but I feel like they wouldn't really care.
    Due to all this, I have no motivation to complete university work which I usually enjoy.
    How can I get help? Or do I really need it?

    Go to your GP and tell them your ED history and say you fear your ED is returning. Recovery isn't a destination, it's something you have to work at constantly to keep on top of.

    Go to counselling and get help! Mental illnesses can resurface under times of stress even after you feel like you've recovered. Your uni might have counselling, or you could go to your GP or the place you get help with recovery before. Your tutor might be worth a try too, just so they know what's going on with you and can support you.

    In the short term, throw out all your laxatives if you can. If you can't handle eating carbs, focus on really high protein food (eggs, beans, lentils, you could also make protein shakes so you're still getting energy). It also might be better to eat four small meals in a day rather than three normal portions (not saying that's healthy, just so you can cope in the short term).

    Give yourself small goals, like "today I'm going to eat an extra slice of toast" or "tomorrow I'll have an extra snack". Then it won't feel overwhelming and you'll be able to build up to eating more.

    Seek help and talk about it! Good luck
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    Thank you both for your responses.
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