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I get bullied the hell out of.... watch


    Ive been bullied throughout secondary and its left a lasting effect on me. Im not ashamed to admit it either. Ive gone to college and im now in uni and the best advice i can give u is not to give up.

    Keep on going and fight through it. U may want to give up and trust me i know. Ive been through that s***. But u cant let other people knock u down. Dont let them ruin ur life or dreams for a select few of individuals who may not even go far. And trust me not everyone is like that. My college experience was awesome! Loved everyone there and i still keep in touch now.

    Keep fighting. This seems unfair but being bullied is wrong, it shouldn't even be allowed but it will help u grow as a strong individual.
    Now i dont take crap from no body. Once u open ur mouth the majority shut their gobs.

    Its a mind game u play but the sooner u get ur courage (which can take awhile) the easier it will become to stand up for urself.

    Keep going and don't ruined ur life for no bully.
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    (Original post by del1rious)
    Hahahaha yes really is a load of nonsense despite the fact that it HAS worked for me on numerous occasions. The world isn’t a nice diplomatic peaceful place and sometimes the only thing that works is to put the fear of god into someone.
    I have to agree with you. when i was getting bullied one day he tried puling my hood down over my face and pulling out the string things in them so I punched him as hard as I could in the face. he just looked really shocked and stuttered away. never bothered me again as well. later some people came up to me saying id split his lip open as well. never got in trouble about it too
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    (Original post by adamantacademic)
    Firstly, I'm not doing this for any sympathy etc.
    I was just wondering, if it would be rational of me to leave school after this year, it's not nice walking around the school hearing your name being heckled, your parents being mocked then when I sit at a table ppl putting forks on my bag... Then when I report it, everything intensifies. So for the last two years I haven't said a word about any of this.
    Although initally I would've liked to do A Levels and then Uni, I'm not sure if just work would be better for me. Because all this is sorting of ruining me, I can't really come out speak to ppl, hold a conversation and before you think I'm just a sissy for ranting on the internet - Honestly, never in my life have I come online for my problems, I'm not doing this out of preference...
    Hey. If things get out of hand, tell your parents and move school if it makes you feel better. Also, remeber life is temporary. You could be rich and successful and be shi**ing on all these haters and be flexing on these h*es:battle:. Also get your education.It's your ticket out of that *****y school and become better and something at life. Get your GCSEs, A Levels, Uni Degree and become amazing!:crown: Your special and amazing and remember YOUR NOT ALONE!

    Is he going to be running away from bullies his whole life, he has to face them at some point doesn't he? All of this run away advice really won't help, sorry but I'm with delirious on this one. Take up boxing or martial arts once or twice or week to feel confident whenever they physically intimidate you, and if they put their hands on you... Well then you'll know how to defend yourself. Sad hearing bullying still goes on hope you do well in exams despite it all.

    Sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time.

    If you let your parents know about the complications you are going through they will be able to contact your school and voice their concerns.
    Keep a record of all the problems that happen, date, time & details.
    First step to stop this is tell your form tutor you are being bullied. They, as the teacher are unable to share your matters with anyone apart from your school, and if you have one, a police officer
    All schools have processes that they follow; they should invite your parents and yourself in for an informal meeting to discuss your problems.
    If they do nothing, and make sure you have contacted them first, write a letter to your headmaster.
    Also get in touch with an LEA Education Welfare Officer. Their responsibility is to contact your school and make them aware of the responsibilities the school has to stop bullying.
    Do not take any leave from school because if so it will be considered an unauthorised absense and you may force prosecution.

    Hope this helps!

    I'm sorry this is happening to you some people are really disgusting.
    I'd recommend going to a different sixth form or collage is possible.
    For a degree. There's always the option of an open university degree, you don't need any qualifications to do it. ❤️
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    If it helps, overt bullying [I suspect that watered down versions of the more covert types can follow us pretty much to the grave] is in my [I suppose fairly limited in truth] experience almost non-existent in the sixth forms of most schools, particularly if we're talking a co-educational state comprehensive. There's an unwritten rule that people have made a decision to be there, are more grown-up & sophisticated now, the really serious knuckle draggers have typically moved on, etc.
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