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Should I go back to school? Need adive watch

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    I'm turning 17 in a month, (atleast when I'm writing this post) and I've been out of education since March 2017. I was kicked out of college due to my horrible attendence and all around aggressive nature (which I do HEAVILY regret now.) I left school with four GCSEs because during my last two years of high school, I had a serious bout of depression (nearly killed myself, was sectioned off actually), my anxiety was upscaled immensely and I undertook the role of caring for my grandmother which made me late everyday to school (something the school really didn't appreciate.) My natural defense mechanism for when people used to bully me when I was younger was to fight back as I've never really had a figure to teach me otherwise and my friends were all bad kids who are now either serving in a HMP or in a bad situation like me. I often met confrontation with confrontation and this never became a problem until I went into college (I'll explain that later.)

    After leaving school with a lack of GCSEs (I promise I'm smart though! I got A in nearly all my exams but I failed all my assignments), a D in English (now a B) and an E in Maths (though I do have a functional skills level 2 which is the equivalent of a C) I was put into a BTEC Level 2 ICT course and I was basically allowed a year to show I deserve this second chance. I did well for the first few months, I was actually motivated to go to school but my grandmother whom I was caring for got a lot worse and I was often helping her in the mornings before her actual carer came. This led to me being horrifically late a lot alongside the fact that my family is very poor which meant I couldn't always get a bus to school (my college was four miles away), I was late quite a bit. My parents didn't seem to care though, when I gave them the form for the bursary, they didn't even look at it or attempt to fill it out, they never tried to get their hours moved around to help me in the mroning or notify the carer I was having a bad time. Eventually my attendence was so low in college (64%) they told me that pushing any boundary would get me kicked out and sure enough it did, in March 2017, I got into a fight with someone who actually attacked me first. I've not been in a fight since Year 10 and I regret this immensely but I was backed into a corner by someone much bigger than me. The college really didn't try to understand the situation and instead they promised me I could finish my functional skills course and my English in a series of night classes.

    I'm a stubborn person and following it and my poor treatment by said college, I decided I was going to go for an apprenticeship around June 2016 after my grandmother finally passed away. I had huge anxiety still but my depression had near disappeared. My parents were naturally disappointed with me but I had sworn I'd make the best out of my situation though through the 12 interviews I went to, I was declined endlessly despite what I thought was interviews that went really well! One of them didn't even tell me I was rejected which was very rude. It's November 2017 and I'm 18 next month, I'm thinking about just going back to college but I don't know if I should because they didn't care about me beforehand though my situation has cleared up, I regret everything and by the time I start attending again (September 2018) I'll definitely be more mature. I'll be 18 though and I don't know if I'm prepared to be hit with tuition costs in my second year. It's a lot I'm thinking about, also my anxiety, I'll be the only 18 year old in a class of 16 year olds but I feel like I really need this because I don't even have my C in maths yet!

    My main question is, do you think I should go back and do you think I'll be taken back. (I live in a small town with only one college that offers A Levels)

    (just realized I spelt "advice" wrong, sorry!)
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