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Xmas Party Anxiety 2 watch

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    I am a 20 year old British asian muslim male. I have had my current job for a year exactly. My work are doing a xmas party on the 7th of december. I was invited to it last year but didn't go as i didn't know anyone. I am planning to go this year and I have told everyone that i am going.

    But the thing is I never go out anywhere, Ive never been clubbing, I've never danced, I've never drank alcohol or anything. My personality is actually pretty boring and I just stay home all day when I'm not working or when I'm not at uni. I also only eat halal food (don't eat meat when out, as it may not be halal meat. Also can't eat anything cooked in animal oil or animal fat). I am also severely allergic to nuts.

    The work xmas party is going to have the following:

    - DJ
    - Heated Terrace
    - Photo Booth
    - Buffet
    - The party is in a country hall which is often booked for events

    I have several questions I need answering by you guys to help me feel less awkward at the xmas party.

    1. What shall I wear?
    2. What if there isn't a vegetarian option?
    3. What do i expect at the xmas party?
    4. How do i fit in?
    5. I cant dance and have never danced, so don't know how to?
    6. What shall i do at the xmas party to make myself look in place?
    7. I don't want to make a fuss about the halal food and nut allergy as it may cause stress to my supervisor who is organising it. Shall i still tell her, and if so how shall i tell her?

    I really want to go to the party but i don't want to be seen as boring or awkward.. Please help!!!

    First things first It's entirely normal to feel anxious about something like this, especially when it's your time clubbing etc.

    1) Usually these things are either smart casual or fancy dress (I would ask to see which one it is) if it's smart casual just a shirt and some jeans will be fine.

    2 & 7) These days there is usually vegetarian and halal options - but I would definitely ask your supervisor, as you don't want the night to be ruined by being hungry/having a bad reaction to nuts and besides so many people want Halal/nut free/vegetarian options so it's not like you're asking for anything out of the ordinary

    3) Every xmas party will be different, but the overwhelmingly factor is that everyone there will be in a good mood which makes it very easy to fit. As people usually just come up to you to chat so I wouldn't worry too much about this - and it looks like you already have a good idea of what events are happening.

    4 & 6) As long as you turn up, in the right outfit and are comfortable there is going to be good you will enjoy (by following the above) then you will fit in. The best thing to do is go up to someone you don't know all that well and just ask them some questions about them selves - ask them about family, hobbies, dreams for the future etc.

    5) There's a good wiki how article about this that gives some basic moves that should see you through the night

    The first time I went out I found that an alcoholic drink did help me to feel more comfortable. However if that's not an option, for obvious religious reasons etc, then it might be an idea to start listening to some music you like just before you go or do something else that relaxes you. It could be anything like go on a walk but it'll really make a difference.

    Sorry for the long post, hope it helped a bit - good luck!
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    When you get there, start drinking.

    I'm sure you will have no problems after the first two pints.
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