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how do i revise
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A lot depends on the subject and what type of learner you are.

You will need to know if you are a visual, audio or kinesthetic (movement) learner. For the first you find watching video, pictures such as mind maps and cheat sheets most helpful. Audio learners can find the things they hear easier to remember so need to speak it out loud. Lastly Kinesthetic need to be moving to learn, so walking round the house while reciting is the best for them. There are other types of learners - have a look for Howard Gardeners 7 multiple intelligences for a starting point.

Something like maths needs to be revised every day as it builds like a pyramid on each other. In general most would make up cheat sheets, mind maps, index cards, audio or video files etc to learn. It's best if you do something each day ticking over the subject, then about 6 months before the exam date kick it up to a few hours a day.

For me personally this is how I learn:
I'm a visual learner so watching videos, listening, doing mind maps, cheat sheets was best for me. I found revising in all the spare moments (ie travelling on the bus) worked really well for me. After each class I made up a book of all the relevant stuff I would need for the exam and learnt that as I went along. Then in January I started really revising hard for the exams in April and June. If I found a concept hard to get I wrote it on a white board and left it there over night so I saw it first thing in the morning.

Check out You Tube there are a lot of videos on how to revise. Just find one way that works for you and keep to it.

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