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3 GCSE's but somehow in Sixth Form, what can I achieve with this? watch

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    Okay so, I dropped out of year 10 to be home-schooled. In retrospective, this was an awful choice made by both myself and my Mum. I was being bullied and I wasn't attending school nearly as often as I should have. I have asked this question before on Yahoo! Answers, which obviously isn't the right place to ask. Anyway, let's get to the question and the information.

    I have 2 GCSE's (soon to be 3) and one of those is a level 2 diploma in art and design, which is apparently equivalent to 5 GCSE's - which is a lie, I believe. I hated the course, but was allowed in at level 2 with no GCSE's because of my portfolio. A year later, I finished the course with a satisfactory B. While doing this course, I started studying English and Entry 3 Maths Thankfully, a Sixth Form let me in which was local due to the issues that happened in my past. I'm very grateful. I'm now studying English Lit&Lang, Art and photography. I adore English, but art was the only thing that drove me through two years of depression. I also have a serious interest in fashion, as I've wanted to design clothes since I was around... five? I'm a novice, but I can design on paper.

    I've got a keen interest in fashion journalism, design, fashion photography... and just general writing. I'd like to write a book one day, but I'm afraid that I have nothing interest to write. Agh I'm rambling, sorry.

    I want to know what I can actually do in life... not being told, I just would kill to have some suggestions. Also, would a University even want me? I'm pretty sure my English Grade is going to be around an A*, art an A, same with photography. But my GCSE's were pretty awful, just two B's. My maths will probably be at most a C. I need serious help with this, as I feel trapped into the path of becoming an English teacher - respect them, but can't stand kids, being totally honest. This post was bit of a ramble but I'd really appreciate anyone who answers. Thanks! Drop some suggestions if you can, my life is a bit of a mess as of now.
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    (Original post by VirgoStrain)
    I’d suggest redoing years 10-11 from scratch to bring your results up to date. Unis will definitely accept that bearing in mind your depression.

    I would, but there's literally no way for me to do that. I'm 17, and 18 next year, and I leave sixth form in 2019. But yeah it's good to know that some universities may accommodate for the depression.
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    (Original post by VirgoStrain)
    Of course they would accommodate for it. You can even reapply for oxbridge after Ye13 if you fail the application in Yr12. A boy in my class fell ill in Year 10 and redid that year and he’s currently in Year 12 even though his birthday suggests he should be a year above.

    If you redo your GCSE’s any university will accept that 100%. Remember, you’re someone who’s battled depression. If I saw someone who had done that and managed to redo his GCSE’s and do well I’d be pretty amazed at how much they managed to turn around their life. That’s impressive stuff tbh

    Would you have any idea on how to redo my GCSE's then? I've been constantly told that the GCSE's won't matter as much at uni, but I actually want to learn them so I have an equal chance, it's really hard to find any info about this tbh I can't find it anywhere
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    (Original post by VirgoStrain)
    Oh, and on a side note I noticed you said being homeschooled was a mistake. Was the fact you were not in a school environment affecting your motivation? If you find a good exam centre then the school will definitely allow you to come in whenever to talk to teachers about how everything's going. But I'd try to get at least an exam centre who will enter you sorted by the end of this month because it's pretty late into the GCSE year. Otherwise just enter as year 10 if you definitely feel there's too much workload you have to do. The following exams are recommended to enter as they're core and important subjects:

    Triple science - Biology / Physics / Chemistry (foundation if you want, but do higher as top grades aren't available in foundation) This counts as 3 separate GCSE's.
    English Literature and/or English Language (the latter is easier and quicker to prepare for)

    Obviously this isn't many and you ideally want more. This is the best GCSE's to do on top of the above. It's a core subject and it's not hard.

    Then you can feel free to choose a few others if you feel you have the ability to do so. 8-10 GCSE's is a good amount, and the typical number is 11. But doing the above is fine. Choose what you can handle. Here's a few examples of what you might consider too.

    Spanish / French / German / other language
    Geography / History
    Further Maths
    Computer science
    DT / Art
    Business studies

    Don't bother with languages, because you have to be able to speak it near fluently under the new spec unfortunately. Unless of course you feel you know some already, or you're fluent in it (got a language you speak fluently? do the GCSE for it).

    I really appreciate the reply, it was really informative. And no I don't speak a language fluently, but I actually want to learn it as I was forced to drop it in year 9. I'm actually going to look further into this, but my only issue is that I may not have the time to do it ontop of my ongoing A Levels unless I actually get some serious time keeping or give up my weekends - which I'm prepared to do. But thank you so much - this really means a lot because no one has actually given me any advice like this before.
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