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    I wanted to share my experience of having a mirena coil fitted before having babies!
    O M F G is how I would sum up the whole experience.

    I was 17 and had tried every pill i could have (i was only allowed the mini pill). The idea of no periods with the coil sounded fantastic however it was far from that. Mistake number 1 was deciding to have the coil fitted. Mistake number 2 was attending the fit appointment alone. I was nervous to say the least I was getting worked up in the waiting room. Luckily I got a lovely female doctor, she made sure it was what I still wanted, however I was never told that my age was a problem, on seeing other doctors they were shocked id been given it all as i was "too young". Anyway all dignity was lost that day, legs spread wide open and holding the nurses hand while the doctors head was between my legs. First step was to scan the area and measure my cervix with a plastic rod and your downstairs held open by the plastic clamp. It was excruciating i screamed out and began to cry the nurse tried telling me to breath but it was like a strong period pain, I wanted to be sick. Once that was over my cervix continued to pulse it was so sore. Then it was time for the coil by this point I was so tense! Again another plastic rod was shoved up there and a second stab as the coil opened up, I was hysterical. I went into shock and was hyper ventilating, in the end I ran to toilet with diarrhea and I was also been sick at the same time the pain was that bad.

    After they calmed me down they had to give me an ultra sound to make sure my womb had not been perforated given the amount of pain I was in , all was good and in the right place the doctor said however I didn't feel like that! In the end they had to ring my mum to pick me up as I was in state to drive i had stabbing pains in my legs and continued to want to be sick . When my mum came i couldnt talk and she said i was a grey colour. I was meant to give back work which obviously didn't happen in exchange in was in bed dosed up on codeine.

    After the of trauma the fitting, I was in pain for a good week later. But it never really got better, I always had pain during sex ALWAYS. I didn't have an periods for the year I had it in ( I had to have it in for so long because I was on roaccutane for my acne and the doctors are very strict on contraception) . I was constantly swollen around my hips and lower belly. Once I checked my strings and I couldn't feel them so I went to my doctors who then told me I was too young for it. Anyway I was referred for a scan to see where it was , it was very far up and I was told if it didn't come down 2 within weeks I would possibly need surgery to get it out. Luckily it came back down. But was still a problem.

    Once I finished my acne treatment, literally 2 weeks after I was at work and started getting horrendous pain like severe period pain and i began to bleed heavily, blood was down my legs i was going through pads and tampons like no tomorrow! In the end I was sent home from work because I couldn't walk and was been sick from the pain and blood was everywhere, I went to the walk in who then referred me to my doctors. The doctors couldn't see it and couldn't feel it and then didn't have the correct equipment to reach it and said I would have to wait 2 weeks for the right forceps!!! I was referred to a private hospital which luckily got me in the next day, I had to have tablets to relax me as I was so scared it would hurt like last time. The nurse was lovely she held my hand all the way through and really calmed me down and the doctor was great he knew what he was doing and it was out in 10 seconds. The best 200 pounds id ever spent getting it out!!

    After that everything returned to normal like my weight . Now I am on no contraception it totally put me off for life. And I would tell anyone considering it not to get it, not as young as me anyway. Maybe my pain threshold was ridiculously low, but I am so scared of ever having to experience that pain again.
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    There is no age limit for the Mirena so you were not too young, although it is possible you were too immature.
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