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    Last year i applied to do an EPQ after the deadline. I was forced to do it by my friend because they thought it would help me with university medicine application. So i reluctantly applied, missed my EPQ interview with my teacher because i was so engrossed into the chemistry practical i was doing at the time and i got so much sh*t from the teacher for missing my appointment after missing the deadline already, and apparently i wouldnt miss an appointment with a patient so why am i missing this???
    But yeah 6 weeks ago, we started doing one hour weekly epq lessons during our frees and i missed the first one cos i forgot i had it, i went to the second one and wrote two sentences in my log, missed the third cos i forgot i had it again and the rest i just havent been going either cos ive been ill and not at school or just because i cba tbh. So ive been to 1/6 EPQ lessons. My head of yr asked me what i was doing cos ive apparently 6 lessons, when acc i missed 5 and he asked me if i wanted to carry on and i said to him that i dont feel like doing it anymore and he told me that i have to sign paper work to drop it or i have to go see my annoying EPQ teacher to "persuade/convince" him to let me stay on cos apparently theres so much to catch up.on but i asked my friends and they said all they did was fill in page 5+6 of their log and did some research on their topic.... How is that so much to catch up on lol...
    But yh my problem is that i dont feel like doing an EPQ anymore, i never wanted to do one in the first place. So i love the thought of signing that paperwork. But the problem is, i put down the fact im doing an EPQ in my personal statement (because the teacher that helped me with my ps told me i had to put it down even tho i left it out on purpose in case i wanted to drop it smh) and if i get any offers, ill get interviewed and then theyll probs ask me about it and its not like i can say i dropped it cos i cba. So what the heck do i do? I dont want to beg my teacher to let me stay on to do the epq cos i already had to do it the other day when i missed the interview and hes a dog and ughhh. But i have no other choice right? My next lesson is this friday so id have to talk to my teacher before thursday... 😩

    That's tricky. Because you put it in your PS, I'd say stick with it. Otherwise what will you say if they ask you to tell them about your dissertation? "oh, uh, I couldn't be bothered to do any work for it so I dropped it." They'll think if you don't want to work for a little EPQ, then you sure as hell aren't going to work for a degree. That's my opinion on it anyway. You get extra UCAS points, it's really not as much work as people make it out to be. About 2 hours a week to write 7000 words.
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