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    So, I have been with my honey for 10 years on and off. High school sweethearts & hes my 1st. Since then we have gone through seperate relationships where we both have children from other people but now we have been back together for 4 1/2 years strong.
    We have changed as people, we are stll good for each other but we've grown up. He has developed this I'm always right attitude, almost tryna start arguement with me when they are unneccessary. I was always a fire cracker but with everyone else, since becoming a mother and a fiance. I have tried to change my life from that old hood bugger to a woman. I let him get everything off his chest when he needs to, I try to support all his decisions even if i feel they are a bit stupid I encourage /uplift him to continue doing great and push for better (I try to mind f*** him into being a more mature man). Every now and then when he starts his sh** I'll be like F*** it, tonight ima gunna feed into your shyt. I never yell I always talk with him usually talking over me. This sets us back because in the end I feel like crap for aggravating him but he consistantly has a smart ass mouth with me that I have consistantly tolerated. I tried to show my partner my changed behavior in hopes he would follow trough as well and we can grow old together, ya kno! Like we got kids we raising they cant see us arguing. What my question is, Should I continue to tolerate his shyt and sit quiet or should I go on a rampage and fuss with his A** back until he gets it. Hes not a bad dude hes actually great aside from the usual guy crap we just have this communication issue that he is not to able to change.
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