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    I applied to Oxford while I was in sixth form and didn't get in
    I had 10 A stars at gcse
    I missed offers into medicine
    Went through clearing
    Ended up at St. George's doing Biomed
    I have 3 Bs at A level
    Now part of the reason why I think I was so miserable at a level was because I realised I didn't want to be doing medicine anymore but it was too late to change my mind

    I would love to do something like law or history or anthropology. I always loved writing and history at school and was part of debate clubs. Those were the subjects that always appealed to me but in thinking that medicine was the best route for me, I did biology chemistry and Latin for A level.

    I have already applied to Oxford once so I am WELL AWARE of how difficult it is.
    But the way of the world is that sometimes improbable things happen if you pursue them hard enough.

    So I'm not asking about my chances. They are slim.

    I am asking if anybody knows of any undergraduate courses with a foundation year at Oxford (or Cambridge) that better prepares you for a course different to your a levels?
    Or if you knew anyone with a levels similar to mine changing their mind and getting into oxford

    Any other advice that you may have would also be appreciated.
    Thank you for reading this far

    Check out the foundation certificate in history from Oxford's continuing education department: https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/about/fo...ate-in-history. It is part time so will take you two years (does mean you can work and save up some money in that time) but at the end of that you can transfer into the second year of a history degree - including at Oxford. They are used to students coming an unusual route to them.

    It is worth having a poke around their website in general as there are some interesting options on there - some just for evening study and some leading to accredited courses. I think that Cambridge have a similar department but I don't know as much about that one.

    Oxford does a part-time foundation degree in History, and if you impress them on that they have been known to offer students access to their full History degree or send you to Royal holloway or Kings etc.

    You don't get to live at Oxford Uni, you need to come in for lectures once a week in the evenings and you get the occasional overnight stay. It was something I was contemplating but you'd have to either live and work near Oxford/London and commute in for it.

    You also will have to find a way to pay for it.You can either do this whilst trying to do another degree, job or something.

    Or you can swallow your pride and go to a mid-tier university and convince them that you understand and are passionate about History etc.

    Or you try and cram 2-3 a-levels in history,politics etc in a year (or 2) and get A/A* and reapply to Oxford.I

    f I were you I would somehow stick with St Georges and commute to Oxford and take out either a loan or get a part-time job to pay for the foundation course. Then you at least have a degree to fall back on and it wouldnt be a waste of time/money. But its obviously up to you. I'm akin to doing ridiculous things like this, and I enjoy a hard workload. (Which also would go massively in your favour because they could see that you excel in doing 2 courses at the same time!)
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