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Advice needed on issue with lack of references watch

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find work at the moment (temp or permenent), but I've had a bit of a strange last couple of years which has meant I've got nobody who I can put down as references for my previous jobs.

    Bascially my employment history has been;

    Employer 1 (retail job) - (first job, started after leaving school) - Worked for 14 years, left in 2014 because the shop closed down. When it closed all staff went seperate ways, I no longer have contact with anyone.

    Employer 2 (retail job) - Worked for 1 year, went to work for a store owned by a friends family, but left due to a personal situation and falling out with said friend. Still left professionally, but have not been on speaking terms so can't really get a reference from it as the person who I worked for have not been on speaking terms. Exteremely likely they would refuse to provide a reference if contacted. Left end of 2015.

    Then from the start of 2016 I did some volunteer work abroad for a few months, but the school where I volunteered has since closed, so there isn't anyone there for them to phone. I have a very short written recommendation from my time there, but it's only a couple of paragraphs, and I'm not sure it would suffice as a reference without the person who wrote it to be contactable to verify it to an employer.

    Since then I've been registered self employed trying to get freelance work and start my own business with a project I was working on, but it was unsuccesful (hence having to get a standard job again). Of course the problem is working alone/for myself for the last 15 months or so, means there's no references there either.

    I'm at a real loss as to what to do when asked for references for past employment. I'm open to trying to build up from the bottom again with just a retail temp or part time job, supermarket etc. So I can build some references again. But even those jobs still need professional references.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    (Original post by Matsura)
    First of all, you can apply without references, so it doesn't stop you applying.

    Second, when you've got a job offer and are asked to give reference details, then offer them a range of options, maybe a client from the self-employment, a professional who knows you from some other life activity, a colleague who you've worked with etc. By this point, they'va already decided they like you and you are the best candidate, so they are likely to be much more helpful and accepting referees.
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