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is it easier to get pupillage at chambers outside of London? watch

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    Right, so this is probably a rather stupid question, but I am a first year law student and I am currently unsure if I want to be a barrister or solicitor.

    Today I went to a talk about getting pupillage, and I heard all the usual: it's very tough, you need a first or a 2:1, you need grit and determination, it's really competitive etc., you've probably all heard it many times and yes, I know it's true.

    But the talk was very London-centric. I was wondering if at chambers outside of London it's any less competitive? Obviously they still want a first or 2:1, I accept that, but I just can't imagine a regional, less prestigious chambers being as picky as the famous sets in London (or other big cities).

    If this is the case it could really help me: my GCSE's and a levels are not up to the standard of the example applications I was shown (I mean, 8 A*s at GCSE?? At GCSE I thought I wanted to be a farmer lmao, and turned up to exams without any revision (that said, they weren't terrible grades))... and I don't really want to live/ work in London anyway.

    Also, does not being from Oxford or Cambridge put you at a significant disadvantage? All the example applications we were shown were from Oxbridge.

    Thanks in advance!

    I don't know much about regional chambers, but from people I"ve spoken to, getting pupillage outside London is not easier than getting one inside london - in fact, arguably, it's harder, as there are less places (numerically) outside London. More importantly, if you've been London-based for a while, you will need a good reason to give Chambers as to why you'd want to leave London. Bear that in mind.

    As to your other points - you need to focus on the steps you can take right now, first, before thinking too hard about tactics for the future. You need to do the following: ensure you get a 2:1, preferably a 1st, do several different and interesting extra-curriculars (mooting, pro bono and a different one each year), get onto insight days/vac schemes and minis (preferably covering a wide range of areas) do a sport/music/drama to prove you have a life etc. There is *plenty* for you to be getting on with before even thinking about tactics, so my suggestion this year is to focus on what is right in front of you.

    Finally, on the Oxbridge/GCSE's point - you can't fix the past, but you can work out how to present it positively. Therefore, I suggest you focus not on what others have, but on what you can offer a chambers/firm and why you want to practice law. You will give yourself the best chance of a TC/pupillage when you put all your effort into studying, learning new skills (and thus CV points) and having a life.
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