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Departing Procrastination Station! - Saffron's journey to A*AA? watch

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    (Original post by saffarinda)

    Ahh thank you furryface12! I'm trying to make this as aesthetically pleasing as possible Are you doing Psychology at A-Level too or at Uni level?

    See ya tomorrow! :couchpotato:

    Uni, I've just started didn't do it at a level so it's been a bit more difficult, enjoying it though!

    For the work experience thing, I was going to suggest special needs as that's a bit more accessible under 18. You could get some doing something marketing related? That links back to psychology well too- a lot of people go into it worth psychology degrees. I'm not really sure what you could do for the forensics side, except possibly something in a lab but that wouldn't be psychology based. I'd go for more general psych stuff for now personally good luck! Sounds like you're doing great.

    Ayy we literally do the same subjects. I do AQA English Literature, AQA Psychology, AQA History and Edexcel Economics. How are you finding the humungous workload with essay subjects. Have a look at my thread if you want.

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    Co-education Station

    I couldn't get a laptop over the past few days and the TSR app crashed on me, so here's a super long update for y'all! At least this means there are no cliff hangers!


    So, in a wonderful last minute thing provided to us by the school, myself and some other students were told we could enter this programme regarding higher education, that’s starting tomorrow (Tuesday). I’ll explain more about this in the Tuesday section but it was pretty surprising and explained to us quite vaguely.

    I created a Henry VII revision tool that I’ll hopefully be able to upload and attach tomorrow - I used it in my History exam/test I had yesterday and my teacher saw it! For a second I thought I’d be killed for using these notes in an exam, he picked them up and looked at them whilst I continued to write, put them down and asked if I’d made it myself. I said yes, and he asked me to email it to him because he really liked the resource (it was basically successes and failures of different aspects of Henry’s reign: nobility, foreign policy, consolidating power etc.) So that was cool! phew

    In our second History lesson, Coventry University came in with VR headsets (some of you may have seen this on the news? I'll pop some links below if it sounds interesting to you ). They wanted to test how useful interactive learning (such as VR headsets) could impact and benefit education. We were placed in the scenario of the Coventry Blitz and had to act as firefighters to put the flames out, whilst they gave us news headlines and mini-articles which included facts within them! To be fair, it did teach me a bit about the Blitz (the firefighters ran out of water and had to connect to a river) and it was fun to play! I think, in moderation, interactive tools such as that would be good in smaller classes.

    I went home and helped my Dad make some flyers for this exhibition he’s doing, they’ve been sent to print and we’ll be receiving them on Friday so I can hopefully upload a pic of that!

    I finished taking notes on my Shakespeare critical anthology for my English lessons on Tuesday.

    Quite a simple, but content, end to the day.


    So, we did a John Donne poem (The Flea, which is quite funny tbf) and completed Othello! I don’t fancy going full in-depth analysis right now, but honestly all of my class hated Othello more than Iago by the end of it - Othello never admits that he did anything wrong, truly, and still holds some honour about himself and believes he had to kill Desdemona to retain his honour (spoilers soz!). We weren’t even satisfied when he kills himself because he didn’t deserve to get himself out of that situation. I’d’ve rather seen Iago murder him tbh.

    Anyways! The Higher Education programme!

    We went to a school and got told that this programme was in connection with Cambridge. A law graduate from Cambridge described her experience and how she tackled her workload, which was interesting.

    The programme split us into Sciences and Humanities based on our A-Levels (I was in humanities because English Lit and History beats out Psychology lmao), and provided us with three vague topic areas: 1) Borders and Immigration 2) The British Empire 3) Memory.

    In a way akin to a dissertation, we have to think of some questions related to the topic area we wish to explore and answer and do so. My group decided to explore how unreliable memory and eyewitness testimonies are, I think it’s incredibly interesting with a lot of research behind it.

    In February we go to a University to see how certain topics can be presented and an abundance of other stuff they didn’t explain lmao. In March we go on a two day trip to Cambridge (Clare College). I’ve been before, but I enjoyed it last time so I’m excited to see it again! Then in June we present our presentations to everyone (I’d say there are about 80-100 people in this hall we’ll be presenting to so that’ll be WONDERFUL ).

    Not much else occurred that evening but Wednesday is debate day...

    Wednesday - Debate Day!

    I spent the morning doing psychology exam questions. We have our mock timetables and we have roughly two weeks before our exams, so I had to get to revising!

    We travelled to Newman University, an incredibly small University. We randomly picked our topic and whether we were for or against the motion. Our motion was inquiring whether we should have same-sex schools in education - we were opposing the motion (thus, in favour of co-education... geddit, co-education station ).

    We were provided with an hour and a half to prepare for the debate, and decided to focus upon the fact that segregating schools seems almost archaic, I focused upon topics such as toxic masculinity and how that can be enhanced without females within the environment, and how education is just a small portion of our lives - we can't be expected to enter segregated environment in University or in the work place.

    We were the first motion to debate. I was quite confident until the person debating with me went up and blanked and stuttered through his half. I was the seconder and because we've never done it before, I didn't realise you had to make notes about the other teams argument to contradict. Which was great! I started off a tad nervous but quickly recovered (I recieved 18/20 for my portion).

    We didn't win! But the people opposing us didn't win either so that's all that matters We were told the winning score (62) and when we received our judge's sheets back we found we received 56! We're entering the competition in March as well and my teacher was thinking of doing little debate lessons. I think it sounds exciting to do in the future. We were complimented on our research - our opposing team relief heavily on anecdotes whilst we included a variety of facts.

    Not much happened in the evening, but boyyy did any of you see the apprentice? I personally have felt that Sarah would win since week one so I'm hoping I'm right!

    Oh, before I forget! Those flyers I mentioned? My dad had to send them to his boss to check out and my dad's boss said they looked impressive thought that he'd used the print company he recommended! And wanted them to do flyers for them in the new year My career in advertising is arising! lmao


    I'm helping out at our schools evening to convince the Year 11 students to take our subject at A-Level tomorrow! I'm doing it for English and I'm quite excited oddly enough - should be cool.

    The rest of the day is a tad vague but I assume I'm mainly gonna be doing psychology exam questions! Haha, ah well.


    agaaga1010 as always!

    @luberry no spoilers but you have to watch it!! it was incredible! I can’t blame you about the procrastination, I’m right there with you argh.

    @amaraub I always wanted to do Psychology GCSE but my school never offered it He’s such a good actor ohmygod!! I’m so glad we got to see more of his talents in this season, I feel like I cried during every scene he was in!

    @Tate00 I’ll be sure to check it out! Hopefully, then I’ll have someone to relate to!

    furryface12 Thank you so much for your advice! You have some great ideas. What did you do for work experience?

    sturdy swifter ahh we literally do the same! I'll go give it a read

    Hopefully my next update won't take as long! Have a nice day everyone.



    fun fact: this took an hour and a half to write and edit despite the fact that half of it had already been written yesterday because this laptop i'm using is so slow - it's 12:20am right now and I started at 10:30pm arGh.

    I'm in soo in love with your GYG right now! You seem so motivated. I am so intrigued by Psychology too!


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