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Hello! Greetings! Welcome!

I am 'threecrayons1' - a current year twelve student studying in England for three A-Levels - Mathematics, English Literature, and Physics.

I've always hosted a rather 'all in' or 'all out' attitude to everything - including academics. That's why I've decided to start a GYG blog - I want to keep accountable for my studying and try and ensure that I can end up in the place I want to be at the end of next year. Recently, I've been diagnosed with dyslexia, so I want to also work on ways to work about this impediment!


I was (positively) surprised with the outcome of my GCSEs (sat in the summer) - attaining three '9's, five 'A*'s, two 'A's and two 'B's - as well as an 'A*' in Higher Project Qualification and an 'A' in the EPQ - which I did on the topic of e-books!

Goals for this year / sixth form in general

Grades-wise, I'd like to come out with three As by the end of A2, so that I can hopefully get into the University of Sheffield to do a course within the realm of Engineering. I've recently become quite set on this path - though I am open to change, I find it nice just to have something to focus towards meanwhile. I'm trying not to close any doors, as reflected by my A-Level choices!

Extra-curricular (let's go with five facts!)

- I love love love DofE and walking! At the moment, I'm working towards my Gold award, having Silver, Bronze and Diamond. I like to do sponsored walks w/ my friends, and I'm currently fundraising this academic year for Mind!
- Debate is one of my passions and I currently run the school debate team!
- I enjoy journalism, and currently write fortnightly for the international section in a local newspaper! I also reported on my city's science festival, and co-run my school's Science Magazine!
- Sports-wise, I enjoy just general gym attendance, as well as Netball and Badminton - I play goal attack!
- The Youth STEMM Award is a scheme which is starting to roll-out nationwide (if you're into science/maths, check it out, it's amazing!!), and I'm currently working towards Gold (68% to date) - I was one of the first six ever to receive silver.

Where do I work?

I have a really really really tiny room, but I make it work -

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More information?

You can find some of my projects both old and new through the following links eeeeee:

This blog

My plan for this blog is to update with a post about this length 2-3 times per week. Obviously this will fluctuate, depending on the day-to-day stresses of these weeks, but yeah for now this is my target!

Also I'm literally so sorry for the overuse of (!) I'm just finding this very exciting aha.

I look forward to posting more and talking with you allllllll.
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Keep me updated please.

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