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    So me and my girlfriend broke up just after we finished college, this wasnt a suprise as we both agreed that our relationship will end when college ends. So this part wasnt a big problem and we still slept arround and had an FWB situation for a bit. We both are each others first. During summer, I went off to holiday and she decided to go off on one alone too. At this holiday, she slept with a guy and she told me about it since we are friends. This guy was aparantly amazing and really good with sex and she pretty much told me how amazing he was. I know there is nothing wrong with what she did and although it annoyed me that she moved so quickly, I also knew it would happen sometime. Since then, she pretty much keeps hinting that we should still have sex etc. This is all fine by me but I am just so scared of the competition right now. I know i wont do better than the guy she went with as i dont have much experience than i had with her, him on the other hand was slightly older and had a lot of experience. From the way she talks about him, i just cant get myself to have sex with her although i would like to. What do you think?


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    Tbh no matter how good the sex is with a stranger, nothing beats having sex with someone you care about. That being said, I think you need to decide whether you want to get back in a relationship with her, or never have sex with her again. This fwb situation whilst it's fun in the moment, it's stopping you from moving on. You're still young though so obvs up to you
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