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Should I go on holiday with my online "boyfriend" who i've never met ? watch

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    You know what, just go. Everyone has basically said not to do it but you are clearly not taking anyone's sensible advice so just do what you want and when something does happen, you'll wish you listened. You sound like you think your invisible and one of those people who are like 'nothing bad will ever happen to me because I feel like I can trust him. You're not any different to anyone else in terms of things going wrong. So if you want to put your life at risk and end up possibly getting raped/killed just for 1 guy, go ahead.
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    This was a rollercoaster to read. :lol:

    On a serious note: no. Don't meet him and go on holiday with him straightaway. That is, quite frankly, ****ing insane. Also, a month of talking doesn't mean that you know the guy. You said he has a high follower amount on Twitter because he is a singer; what are the chances that you're not the only girl he talks to? Also, wtf are you thinking of switching uni up north now because he is there? Ffs, you don't know him. Switch to a uni you like, Jesus Christ.

    Meet him for a DAY in a public place. Don't go rushing off on a ****ing holiday together. I've been with my SO for 6 months and we've not even been on holiday together, dear God.
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    he wants to be your sugar daddy
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice They were genuinely helpful for me 😬👍
    So what are you going to do?

    I went on holiday with my bf for our second date. We met online, spoke for a couple of months and met once before going abroad. However, it depends on whether you feel you can handle yourself if things go wrong or out of control, its different to meeting up with someone and suddenly sharing a bed with them. I know you may feel like you know him in 3 weeks, but you don't. I definitely trusted my bf, that's why we've been together for three years, but talking to anyone intensely for a short period of time can make you feel like you should trust them. That doesn't mean you should. There's no harm in meeting him before hand!!

    If you really trusted this guy and knew him long enough, you wouldn't be doubting yourself and needing to ask questions on online forums. You have no reason whatsoever to justify going on holiday with him, there is no need to rush things and put yourself in danger.
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    Absolutely not! This sounds like a textbook case of internet grooming. Please for your own sake don't go.

    This seems dodge to me, j meet him for an afternoon, y go straight to to the holiday. So many ppl get ****ed over when they haven't met the person so take it slow.
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