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Being a Asian Muslim and Aborting a child watch

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    Just been talking to a friend. We are both Muslim.

    She says that if she got pregnant and it is unplanned or with a guy that isn't Muslim she would abort. This is because she has family commitments and the family would not like it. Also she says that she feels she would not be able to give the child the best possible life if she was alone. She says she is going to need financial support and she can not afford the child.

    I say that I would never abort a child no matter what. To me it would seem
    like I would be murdering my child when my duty is to carry it and love it fully and do whatever I am able to give it the best chances in life. It is entirely possible to have a child and still make a good life for both of you. My family would not be a problem as I don't even like them and I think it would be better for the child not to be brought up in the Asian community especially if I end up being a single mother.

    Just wanted to know other opinions on this topic. Thank you.

    I understand your friend as if I was faced in that predicament(God Forbid), knowing my strict catholic upbringing and family etc, I know it would not look good plus my dad who refused to talk to me now that I moved out without letting him know would probably rub in my face and my brothers face that I left home to become a slut and my younger brothers( I am the oldest) would be very disappointed in me as they see me as their role model but they would still love me none the less.

    But yes when I was younger I used to see that I would never commit an abortion but knowing myself and the consequences that could arise from keeping the child, abortion would be the last resolution even though I am against it and think it is murder but I pray to God such thing never happen coz it would be very very bad.

    I think you just have to think about it and think is it worth it to murder your own child so what if things will be worse from that moment, children are beautiful plus if you do abort the child, there could be complications in your womb and you might never have any child anymore or better still it could take you 16 or more years to bear a child so nooo, abortion is not the way out.

    I hope this answered your question. Sorry I rambled on a bit.

    I personally don’t believe in aborting a child just because your financial situation or lifestyle isn’t perfect. Abortion should only really happen if there is a medical reason or the woman was raped or the woman is underage, there’s so many contraceptives out there now so if a child doesn’t fit into your current situation take the necessary steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.
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    If she's religious isn't she supposed to not be having sex before marriage in the first place lol

    (because I doubt her family would let her marry a non-muslim)

    Wait so you're telling me as a Muslim she'll go and have sex outside of marriage but wouldn't abort if she became pregnant?

    What happened to her religious views and morals when she decided to have sex?

    Why is she suddenly deciding to think religiously due to a pregnancy?

    Now I'm not trying to shame or anything but if she was truly religious she'd wait till marriage.

    Now onto abortion, it's the woman's choice. It is her body and she has every right to decide what to do. Sometimes contraception doesn't work.

    It's better to not have a child when you're not ready and wait til the right time.
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