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Getting so bloomin fed up of uni!! watch

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    all week I have felt so low and I know it is probably immature and petty of me but I really cannot help it. I have transferred to a uni close to me doing my final year. I did 2 years at a different university which I absolutely loved! everyone was so lovely, had a nice group of friends.. It was great! I had a baby so I left with a diploma and used that to get onto a top up course to make it up into a degree. When I first started, it was fine but now I have realised what is really like. I am always by myself and nobody talks to me for some reason! There are a group of girls who always ***** about someone which gets on my nerves cos I guess it shows their true colours doesn't it!

    I am having a dilemma. In a class, one of the tutors decided to put us into groups to do a 10 minute presentation (grrr!) I have had a word with student support saying presentations are nervewracking and I am also Deaf and have a speech impairment so presentations are very difficult for me because I cannot pronounce my words properly and because I am also Deaf, hearing people is going to be a massive struggle if they decide to ask me questions...! They just said they can only put support in place but will not allow me to just do alternative work! I have read the assessment criteria and presentation does NOT count towards your assessment and overall grade.. Only 2 essays! So I cannot see how this is going to affect my grade seeing as it isn't graded anyway?

    If I miss a lecture, I log in at the library and do some uni work there. I always clock in with my student card to show I am at uni. It shouldn't be like this. I never used to be like this but now I am anxious about presentations because of the way people are (judgmental, *****y and just so rude).. I feel like a massive failure. Again I have spoken to student support but they are not helping at all.
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    I remember you posted something similar about you not being able to do the presentation. I suggested perhaps you and your group use messaging to communicate instead of talking, and perhaps you just put the presentation together instead of talking.
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