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    (Original post by SmartUnicorn)
    Do you know how that makes me feel? Sick. Sick that someone ruined her dignity, Now she will grow up thinking she can't play football and that boys are better than girls. No matter what I say to her or anyone else. Well done world.

    Sorry for my long rant but I just needed to get it out so yeah
    i think that's a bit far-fetched... i understand your point but whats dignity got to do with it..? its just a game of football. girls do it to other girls too, simply because they're jealous of the other girl or because her friend does not like one girl, therefore, all girls cannot like her and so the exclude her from games... i was like that when i was younger because i was was a girly girl as a younger child and then i started playing football although i wasnt good and i knew i wasnt but i ddint care, i knew that the guys were naturally better at football plus they had been doing it for longer too. you cant blame the world for her having self-esteem issues. just tell her to suck it up and not care what others think, all sorts of mean people will not let her play with her or exclude her for the silliest of reasons REGARDLESS of gender but she shouldn't let that affect her...

    if she cant play with the boys then why doesn't she form her own girl group team of footballers.. thats what i did when i was in primary school.

    (Original post by huffle)
    This is why feminism is so destructive. You are perpetuating this myth that everyone thinks women are weak. This is not empowering you are simply telling women and especially young impressionable girls that the world is built to put them down when this is simply not the case!
    ABSOLUTELY AGREE!:clap2::clap2::clap2:
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