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Efficient ways to revise? watch

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    So, I'm in year 11 and I need some efficient ways to revise. I'm currently writing detailed notes on everything, but this takes a lot of time and I'm not moving at a quick enough pace to cover everything a sufficient number of times. Does anyone have any efficient ways to cover everything sufficiently?

    Same. Notes don't help, but I seem to do alright in exams, but the only revision I do is read from a revision guide. When I do the test, I get a strong pass (grade 5), but I want to get more than a pass, more like grade 7. But I don't have any efficient way to revise, I feel notes are a waste of time to me (because you've already got these notes in exercise books). Just though i'd let you all know.
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    When it comes to revising I'm also still looking for new and efficient ways to do it however over time I've discovered a few things which seem to help for me as I also found myself often writing out a lot of notes but then not getting as much work as I would have liked done.

    Here are some ways in order to try and revise:

    Summary sheets If you find that you like writing out your notes you could always try reading over particular topics and subjects and then making summary sheets on these writing down the key points that you may need to remember. These could be done in many different ways as you could try bullet pointing the information or possibly making mind maps too.

    Flash cards They're something that are probably mentioned a lot but I find that they can be really helpful at times as once again you can just try to write down key points instead of long wordy paragraphs. They're also a great way to revise as you can look back at them and test yourself too!

    Highlighting This is something that I have liked doing recently as it allows you to read through notes whilst still doing something other than just sitting and reading (which can still be really helpful too) as you can use highlighters and also even a pen if you want to annotate and write extra points around the notes or possibly on sticky notes too.

    Videos Watching videos online can be a good way to revise, whilst doing so you can also make notes, however keep in mind that if you do keep pausing a video that may seem fairly short it can last a lot longer so pausing as little as you can might save some time. You could always make playlists of videos that you've found helpful and come back to them if you want to watch them again.

    Simply just reading notes Sometimes just sitting down and reading through notes can be good or if you're in a place where you don't mind doing so you could also read the notes out loud to yourself or even someone else.

    If you do find that writing out notes does help you to take in information there is always the option of typing out notes too. I personally find that I type a lot faster than I can write so it can sometimes save me a lot more time than if I was just to write them all out by hand. By doing this you could also print out the notes if you have access to a printer anywhere and then highlight them.

    There are honestly so many different ways to revise but it's important to keep in mind that finding a way to revise that is both helpful and efficient can really be different for people. Something that may work really well for someone may not work so well for someone else as people are different and have different ways of obtaining information and learning things to others. It may take some time trying out different ways of revising in order to figure out what works for you but good luck with your work and I really hope that this has in someway helped

    Maths- do every practice paper
    Every other subject- make brief notes on each topic, whether you like it or not writing the information in some way will make you remember it much more easily. Also try and get revision guides for cgp revision guides for science they literally saved my life at gcse
    English- just learn the structure needed to answer each question and do practice answers, just don’t stress about it because it is SO boring. Also most subject teachers will grade you lower because there have not been any previous grade boundaries for all the new spec subjects so they wanna be cautious
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