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i have made myself look like an idiot in front of my lecturer. watch

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    I've just had such an awful day today. I'll cut to the chase - I was so stressed this morning that I missed breakfast. Has a busy late morning working on two essays.

    I was so hungry/depriving myself of food that I went in to Tesco and just brought a load of junk food - hardly a proper lunch.

    Anyway I hardly got a chance to eat this sitting down, so I just stood up and ate all of this junk food outside of the library.

    I feel so embarrassed thhat as I was, my lecturer saw me.

    I had a bag of salt and vinegar mccoys in my left hand and was taking a swig (straight from the carton ) from a two Pinter of milk. As I acknowledged her, I spilt a lot of the milk down myself.

    I guess to save face she looked busy and didn't say anything. She just passed and smiled. I just feel so bad. I have to see her in her office hours to discuss my essay with her and worry so much about her remembering about me spilling milk all down myself (and drinking straight from the carton )

    Basically an awful day.

    Awh don't worry about it! Im sure she know how difficult it is being a student with not time to eat. Next time dont skip your meals and have a proper one okay

    Aw no! Dw she’s probs had embarrassing moments too!

    Sorry but this post made me chuckle.

    It happens to us all. I bet your lecturer has seen far worse in the time she's been at that school/college/uni.

    Just laugh it off and act like you find it hilarious. It's hard to embarrass anybody who is already laughing at themselves and who acts like they don't care.

    One time when I was in college, studying health sciences. My tutor was a ex-nurse so obviously worked in a hospital.
    When introducing ourselves to our class we all had to say our names, and a bit about ourselves.
    When it was my turn I said My name and said how I wanted to be a midwife or nurse one day and that's why I was taking the course and that I loved reading and gaming and said some other stuff about my hobbies.
    To which my tutor said "Did your mum name you after the paper towels that they have in all NHS hospitals?."
    It turns out my first and last name was the same as that plastered all over the dispenser things that hold paper towels. Including loo rolls in the toilets too and soap dispensers.

    I was embarrased, I thought i'd die on the spot. But just joked that my mum must of seen the name in the ambulance on the way up (they have the paper towels in some ambulances) when she was in labour with me and was in to much pain to call me anything else.

    It was my tutors turn to look embarrased as I got the whole class to laugh.

    **** happens, honestly I doubt she'll even remember or care. You're blowing this out of proportion.

    Well, I had a verbal slip-up and said 'lello' instead of 'hello' to a complete stranger today, so you're not the only one
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    **** me that sounds embarrassing.

    But everyone does embarrassing things, especially if they're stressed. People with empathy understand that.
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