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    I'm a final year student in London and my parents live almost 300 miles away. Long story short, I'm approaching late twenties as I already dropped from uni before and worked for a bit.

    Since mid 2016 my life has been going downhill for one reason or another. My career interest is in finance and I did especially well to land a top placement at an investment bank, which finished just a few months ago. Unfortunately, for one reason or another it did not go to plan and I ended up hating it. I want to go again into banking but as a final year student it is much much tougher and more competitive for the grad roles.

    Unfortunately also my dad has a terminal illness and is expected to pass away around December/January, when I have 4 final year exams. Ontop of this I am searching like crazy for a full time job and have sent out 29 applications to banks, consultancies and asset manager - but to very little luck. Had an assessment centre with a top investment bank but didn't quite make that last hurdle despite the feedback saying I did solid. This has really hit me hard and struggling to get over it ontop of the stresses of losing my dad who I can't see much and completing my final year, where I'm far behind where I need to be. At the moment no other applications seem to be coming through which is disappointing and also scary.

    I also put myself under considerable pressure as me and only me pays for my University. I'm in about 26k debt total and I put myself under huge pressure to land a top paying job (35-50k) in order to justify living in London and spending 4 years of financial and time investment in University. Walking out into a 20k something job just seems pointless and like a total failure on my part. To give you perspective, I was earning 50k on my placement year.

    I just feel like I am hitting some sort of mental crash. I'm not getting the job I aimed/hoped for all these years, I'm losing my dad, jeopardising my final year and coming to terms with the fact that taking a 20k something starting salary just isn't justifiable given my investment into University and that I live in London. And I'm in debtwhich I had planned to pay off had I got a job confirmation which pays 35k+.

    Life's real tough right now and strugglingto see much light at the end of the tunnel. Any words of wisdom? All my mates are jolly and I just wonder why life is so hard sometimes.
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    Life is hard but crazy enough it works out on its own. You're over stressing yourself and right now is not the time to break down. Everything seems to be going downhill but all of that might just build up to something fruitful.

    For the job applications, keep trying and also be a little patient. If you have enough experience and qualifications, you will get one in no time. I recommend making some sort of connection with someone who works wherever you want to, it will make it easier for someone your age to get in.

    Something a little personal:
    My dad worked in McDonald's even though he had first class degrees, a couple of months after, he received a job at a top firm with a starting salary of 45k+. Last year he quit his job and was unable to find another one due to him being "over skilled", again, everyone was just turning him down. Until the same ppl who rejected him, wanted him on their team. He didn't go to them instead he got into another place via previous connections and now is earning 75k+.

    Give it time, be patient, make connections.
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    Thanks buddy - really appreciate that.
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