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Baptism is important because it’s an outward display of our faith in God, it’s tells everyone that you love God and want to serve Him alone.Or as Paul says“ We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that ,just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.Baptism symbolizes Christ’s death and resurrection.Baptism can not and will not save you.As a Christian we submerged people into water as Acts 4:12 says,“ Salvation is found in no one else.If we read Acts 4:11 we know Paul is talking about Jesus, not baptism but Jesus who died and was raised from the dead and is now with the Father.As a Christian when I hear baptism saves you that’s almost like saying“ God ,you didn’t have to send Jesus we don’t need Him, we can all get baptized and go to heaven that way.”As a Christian I have got baptized but not as a baby but when I was twelve I wanted to express my faith in Jesus in that particular way. In my church we have days designed for baptism.If you wanted to get baptized; one you would have to wait until it’s announced again, two you would sign up and they would text/call you or your parents, three you would go to a teaching on baptism and the importance and significance, four you would go to the event and wait with the others that want to get baptized, five as they start the event and as they call you, you would come into a baptismal pool, six the pastor would ask you questions like,“ Why did you want to get baptized?” and “What has God done in your life.”Seven then after all the questions and some preaching you get baptized and the pastor says,“ In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit I baptize you by the confession of your faith.” (In my church usually an elder baptizes the person it’s just practical), Eight we rejoice with those who have been baptized on that night.We usually eat food and talk about how they came to Christ and their whole life before and after Christ came to their life. That’s a typical Baptism night at my church.I got baptized two years ago in August. I felt like God was going to use me powerfully on the earth.Even as He put me in this school he has appointed me to preach to gospel. Overall Baptism is very important but it’s not the pivotal point of your salvation.

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