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can someone please read this and help me watch

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    Okay so i recently got my braces off and i had a dark grayish front tooth i asked my dentist and she told me it was "dead" due to trauma and i need internal bleaching she told me to wait it out because apparently im to young(btw im 15) .so i did.

    no one even realized until 3 weeks later that my front tooth was grey. I came home from school and burst out in to tears at this point i actually wanted my braces back to cover my front tooth ,the people i once called friend actually told everyone saying i got a "grey tooth" ,word spread around so fast my whole year knows now my friend well not anymore told me "to brush my teeth so the grey bit can go away"and now all the girls in my year keep coming up to me and telling me to "smile" and my other friend(another fake) said "who here has a grey tooth putting me in a really awkward position i wanted to say something back but words weren't coming out of my mouth and plus she just stare at my mouth and laugh at it alongside with all her other friends(fake too)i feel so humiliated and embarrassed i dont want to go back to school but i have to because im in year 11.All i wanna do is cry cry cry(but i try not to) honestly when someone is fake they forget all the good things you do for them.

    Anyways can someone please share some advice x

    Being bullied is awful especially when your so called friends are instigating it. You got braces removed and some of your teeth aren't 'perfectly' white and they are making fun of you to the point where you want to leave. You also have the added upset of the people doing this are the ones you thought of as friends. I really have no immediate solution for you but I will say that when you hear people talking about how bullies only bully because they aren't happy with themselves....this is true. I'm 30 and I'm at university and I have zero mates, it's extremely isolating so I know what you're going through to a certain degree. I am in my final year and I can't wait for it to end. You are in your final year of high school am I right? So we are both in a similar group here. I would suggest telling your parents and telling the school and then focusing on looking for a college where you can complete your final years to get your A levels. This experience will make you a better person. It's sucky that you're going through this but in the long term you will come out the other end stronger and these friends of yours who are making fun of you will not progress to be better people. They will either remain horrible people who make fun of others so they don't have to confront their own insecurities. Or after a few years they will look back at what they did to you and feel terribly guilty for it. Either way, you are the person who learns from this, who grows from this and becomes stronger. Please just know that when high school ends that your greyness on your bottom teeth won't even be an issue for actual adults with actual brains...this awful experience for you will end eventually. These friends are morons. Focus on getting out of there, focus on getting your a levels or doing a vocational study at college and please remember that this bullying is more a reflection on the people around you than it is about you. You are strong and you can and you will get through this, it is temporary and things get better but the next step now you've told us, is to tell your parents or a teacher even if it is just to have someone to talk to. it's important not to isolate yourself further...I know this too well.
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