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I'm massively insecure but I don't want to be, advice wanted! :) watch

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    Hello hello everyone

    Though its not like me to go anon, I feel like it might be more appropriate in this situation. I hope this doesn't come off as attention-seeking, but I really just wanted advice from other young people.

    I'm massively insecure about my appearance to the extent where I'm missing social functions and sometimes even school because I'm so self conscious. I have internet friends I've never met because I'm worried I'm a total catfish because I spend so long trying to find angles on all of my pics so I duck out of all our meetings because I'm so ashamed.

    (Heres a description of what I (honestly think) I look like)


    I honestly feel like I don't even look human a lot of days. I've got a wide face, bad eye shape, weird nose and small lips. But the thing I hate most beyond compare is my jaw. It makes me look like an alien, its so so flat and broad! Its so unfeminine its ridiculous. Every time someone has been interested in me, it just makes me so uncomfortable just because I feel like one day the rose-coloured glasses will come off and they'll notice what I really look like!

    I've honestly tried everything I've seen recommended in terms of trying to 'fix the problem with my appearance'. I (try to!) dress well and for my body type, wear a full face of makeup for my face shape every day, wear contacts, dye my hair and keep a skincare regime/drink my water etc.

    But I really, really dont want to be like this. Has anyone got any advice/experiences of their own?

    I dont want a miracle and have absolutely no insecurities because no one is like that. I just want to be able to go and meet my friends and go to school and go out like a normal person and just feel like maybe I look like one?

    Its a long long road but I'm really trying to take those steps towards it! advice/help/just encouragement would be lovely! Thank you guys!

    The fact that you’re already trying to take steps toward conquering something concerning you this much is great!

    Honestly? I used to care about my appearance a lot too, ESPECIALLY in school. I used to get picked on for how I looked and dressed and most of the time it really got to me. By college, I decided enough was enough and (literally) I just stopped caring. I accepted the fact that I look the way that I look and we’re all unique and beautiful exactly the way we are. Eventually, it just stopped. I used to approach clothing with a sense of “will this suit me? Does it look good enough?” And now I just think about what I like and what feels good to wear.

    We don’t need cosmetic changes, or surgeries, or fancy makeup. Just be yourself, hold your head high and smile. Dress how you want to dress, wear only what you like and what feels comfortable instead of what you’d expect others to see you wearing all the time. Show off your own character
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