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    How do you revise a level psychology??
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    Mind maps, past papers, flash cards, repetition.

    I'm doing Psychology A level too and I've been getting As in all my essays so far, so my best piece of advice would be too structure your notes as if you were answering an essay. So like for the cognitive approach, write your notes out so that they answer the 12 marker 'Outline and Evaluate the Behaviourist Approach'. That way, even if you get like a 4 marker on it, you'll still be able to answer it and more.

    First of all, find out what exam board you're doing. Most likely AQA for A Level psychology, but sometimes OCR. Search AQA or OCR A level psychology past papers. Here you can find exams for your course that happened previously. Download the papers and answer the questions, then get the answer and see how well you did.

    Past paper marking schemes also have "indicative content" to tell you what to write. If you don't have a lazy half-assed teacher, do an exam question, note what paper it is from and your teacher might mark it for you and be able to give you feedback.

    Benefits of doing past papers to revise:
    • Get more and more acquainted with essay writing.
    • Remember things useful for your essay, you'll start to be able assign studies to essay questions and remember the correct studies once the question comes up.
    • Feedback from teachers is invaluable. They see things that the students don't. Source: Me at Psychology GCSE + A Level.
    • Efficient way of learning for the exam.

    Disadvantages of doing past papers to revise:
    • Lazy teachers might not want to mark any essay questions you do and either will outright refuse to mark it or will half-ass it.
    • Only a limited amount of previous papers.
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Updated: November 16, 2017
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