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    Ok, so while on the bus today a thought popped into my head where we study the brain signals of a person while playing a sound in their ears to see what part's of the brain basically "translate" the sound, I then thought that if you were to get a special microphone of some kind which translates sound into an electrical signal that a human would "hear" using, implant it into a deaf person's ear, (obviously durable and waterproof) then were to somehow hook up the tiny cables to the cochlear and vestibular nerves to stimulate them in a way which allows a deaf person to regain/gain their sense of hearing. My question is: Has this been studied/tried, is this possible and also is this actually a thing? I've tried googling it but it's not showing any results (at least if I type it up).

    I get there's hearing aids but they just amplify the sound rather than restore the sense of hearing to the person.

    Welp, after spending 10 mins writing this post I typed another thing up and then found out there's is something that does exactly what I said :/ Posting this anyways cause why not. Discuss I guess! Anyone had this type of thing implanted?
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    (Original post by Relentas)
    I'm sure this (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochlear_implant) is what you have in mind. Great idea but you are 50+ years late.

    There are lots of people walking round with this, and it is discreetly hidden under hair most of the time.

    The interesting discussion is can we apply the same for vision, and develop a working retinal implant? That will be huge.

    Edited to add: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinal_implant are currently in development, but not in routine clinical use.
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