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ADHD - My experiences, Work, Study, Stimulants, Motivation etc. watch

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    I have suffered from ADHD-I for much of my life and just wanted to share some of my experiences, what has worked for me and what hasn't worked. I have tried just about every ADHD medication out there i.e. several class B controlled substances, most days for the best part of a decade. Please, please note these are my personal experiences only, so anyone with ADHD, do not assume you will experience the same and do not take any of this as medical fact or advice.

    To most people, taking a class-B drug daily will seem crazy, but I am a highly functioning adult: I'm 23, I've got a degree, a career, a mortgage and a decent car. Just clarifying that I don't just pop these and get a high, they are therapeutic doses, not recreational :-)

    Finding the right routines and diet has been a big factor, but what I want to talk about is my experiences of the various medications as this has been a long road in finding the right med/combo/dosage. I just wanted to emphasise to those with ADHD that it can take a while and lots of trial and error to get it right, so don't be too disheartened if something doesn't work:

    Ritalin (Methylphenidate) - Instant-Release med. lasts about 3-4 hours. Gives extremely good concentration while active - I can focus on a task 100% - keeps me alert, sharp and motivated to get things done. I do not have the problem of procrastination while on this. It is jittery, like a strong cup of coffee and a slight comedown

    Concerta - Extended release version of Ritalin. Lasts most of the day. Leads to good concentration but not as good as the short release version, as I found it even more jittery which makes it hard to concentrate.

    Dexamfetamine sulfate - For me, this is the Rolls Royce of ADHD meds. It has all the benefits of Ritalin, but it is much smoother. Getting through daily life is smooth, just like riding through the day in a rolls Royce. I process information quicker, I am attentive, alert, sharp. I get tasks done, I am focussed and interactions are easier. This is also acting for about 3-4 hours.

    Vyvanse - Long acting version of the above (12 hours). This is also very smooth and has pretty much the same benefits as above but not quite as strong. Only problem is you have to take this early in the morning or you will likely not sleep that night.

    Guanfacine - This is a newer ADHD med. It is a non-stim and not as good as the above, but I found works very well when combined with a stim.

    Strattera - Also a non-stim med. Similar to Guanfacine but not quite as effective in my opinion.

    Modafinil - Not an ADHD med but I have tried it. It's an odd med for me. It increases wakefulness and alertness but does not seem to give the enhance mental capabilities that the above seem to.

    The meds are also much more effective with a good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep. Without these, the benefits can be almost zero.

    I hope that helps anyone who maybe diagnosed with ADHD and is disheartened with meds not working etc. Any questions, I am happy to answer.
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