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uncropped images in group power point, reveals guys talking about my b****t watch

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    Doing a geography project on brazil.

    I was just going through the slide looking for typos. Saw one of the images was really poor quality, so I uncropped it to find its source (flickr) but I could also see other tabs he had open. He had two chrome windows open side by side

    the second window was a facebook chat with the other guy in the project, I saw like 3 messages, the conversation was about what he would like to do them, and how he always tried to look down my top and he was also looking at an old holiday album of mine.

    I feel pretty disgusted, should I ask to be put in a different group or tell the teacher?

    That's a private facebook chat. He's a bit of a pussy for not just coming up to you and askin' you out. But it's kind of a **** move to get some guy into some **** because of a private facebook conversation. You could go up to him yourself and deal with this without some ******** schoolyard bureaucracy. At the end of they day everybody talks about other people in private facebook conversations, in sexual ways or not. Imagine if you had to worry about what you said in private to a close friend because someone might stumble upon what you said and use it against you maliciously. Just talk to this guy and tell him to stop being a creep.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I feel pretty disgusted, should I ask to be put in a different group or tell the teacher?
    Yes, you should ask to be put in a different group - if you do not want to be with him any more.

    No, you should not tell the teacher.

    Talking about someone behind there back, or sending private messages, whilst not very nice, is not against the rules of schools, or the law. Simply because it is un-enforceable and everyone does it.

    Now, bullying is. But as in this case he was not saying these opinions in public, or even in a large group, or even to you.. he was just saying them privately to a friend.. it is not bullying or harassment at all.

    Im pretty sure if you had the ability to look at the private conversations of all students in your class you would find that nearly everyone talks **** about nearly everyone else.. that nearly everyone says inparopriate things in private that they would not say in public. It is a very normal thing.
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