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    I'm looking to study psychology at a Russell Group university, but I've regretfully never worked as hard as I could have in school.
    I've got 7 GCSEs (5 Bs and 2 Cs) and I'm redoing year 12 after failing my exams due to issues with anxiety. As a result of this, I was limited to studying RE Sociology and English Literature, but I've begun working hard and so far its all going much better than last year. And so, I was wondering what my chances of getting into a Russell Group uni are ? I really like the look of Warwick and Bristol's courses but I notice that they prefer a science subject at A-level which I very sadly cant do. Does this completely exclude me from being given an offer from such uni's ? Or do I have a chance if I get some really good A-levels and write a great personal statement to go with ? I feel like I've never been mature enough to take school seriously until recently and I want to prove to myself that, regardless of my past failures, I am capable of performing to a high standard.

    My GCSEs are

    English Lang - B
    English Lit - B
    Maths - B
    Biology - B
    RE - B
    French - C
    History - C

    Thank you

    If you get very good a level grades, then you almost certainly will be able to get a place at a Russell Group university.
    I got similar grades to you, but I got high A-Level grades, and I'm currently studying at a top 10 Russell Group university. So there is still hope for you, if you do the work that is.

    Nowadays, Russell group doesn't mean anything anymore. They're just a bunch of unis whom, (many years ago) came together and decided they were going to call them selves 'Russell group' xD. To peruse in Psychology, or to get acknowledged by an employer it's usually to do with what you got in you're degree (e.g a first). Being Russell group doesn't always depend on how good the psychology department is. Some Russell group unis don't even have TEF gold for teaching, whilst some that aren't Russell, do. Don't have you're choices based on whether they're Russell or not. For example I applied to Chichester, they offer an integrated Masters course (so you at a Master of Science, instead of Bachelor at the end) and its 4 years instead, (Plymouth also offering a similar course). Its a perfect spring board to apply for a doctorate too.

    You are eligible for the majority of Psychology courses (incl, Russel) because you have Bs in English and maths and 5 GCSE's A*-C. All you do is express how passionate you are about psychology in your personal statement and make sure you can make the grade requirements. (it would be good to say how your subjects helped you develop your skills, especially sociology) nailing those will ensure you get offers.

    However, what you should look out for when choosing unis is the rate of student satisfaction, graduate jobs, and if the course has been accredited by the British Psychological Society. Don't have such tunnel vision xP.

    Now, can going to a non Russell uni still allow you to apply for post grad, and let you work in Psychology with an annual salary of £50,000 a year?

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