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    Hello and welcome to this week's Feel Good Fridays thread! :flower2: Some of you may notice that it is not actually Friday anymore, but I believe Friday is a feeling, unlimited by temporal boundaries :hoppy:


    It certainly has nothing to do with me being stuck working on my assignments all night... #partyhard :work:

    There's a lot of bad news in the world, and, whilst it's important to discuss that, the good news is often overlooked as a result. For this reason, #FeelGoodFridays is here to try and round up some of the more positive stories of the week

    So here's a selection for the 4th - 10th November!

    1. One of the biggest stories of the week, and a big advance for medical science: Gene therapy has been successfully used to grow healthy skin for transplant, in order to treat a 7 year old "butterfly child" who had lost 80% of his skin. :eek: The new skin was grown in the lab using the child's own cells, genetically engineered to remove the faulty gene. Two years on, he seems to be doing well! This was reported in Nature on Wednesday, but here are some non-paywall'ed articles.

    2. Keeping with the science theme, Stranger Things inadvertently promoted the Science Museum of Minnesota, who sold $400,000 worth of dinosaur hoodies as worn by the character Dustin (no spoilers in link). Fans even managed to crash the site in the scramble. :lol: As a non-for-profit, all the money will go back towards the museum's work of educating and inspiring people

    3. Another big story, that will be a big relief to many people. The UK has reversed its position and will now back a ban on bee-harming pesticides! :bee2: Hopefully, bee and other pollinating insect numbers will now be able to recover :flower:

    4. A much smaller story, but a big impact for 88 year old Ursula Shepherd, who was left unable to read after a poor experience at school as a child. She began learning to read last year, and has now reached her goal of being able to read to young children. :grin:

    5. Disproving the myth of inconsiderate skateboarders is a mystery person who left their "grass cutting money" after they thought they had damaged a pickup-truck. The driver has been unable to find the damage, and is now trying to locate the skater to return the money, saying "It's great to know there's some great hearts out there doing the right thing." :heart:

    Are there any big stories you think have been missed? Or any other ones you'd like to add? Discuss them here, and let's see how many we can find
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    "Some of you may notice that it is not actually Friday anymore, but I believe Friday is a feeling, unlimited by temporal boundaries" - actually a fantastic expression :lol:

    What a wonderful story about Ursula Shepherd, it must be so lovely for her to have reached her goal, especially when it's such a nice one :love:
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