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People keep on telling me that I’m too ugly for my boyfriend... watch


    your friends are jealous that you've got a good looking bf and they feel they are more entitled to a guy like that than you...

    it's pretty obvious what's going on here.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Please read all my post, and yes he’s a Sikh and I’m a Muslim, if you have a problem with that then don't comment!

    Ok let me tell the truth, my boyfriend is really good looking, and even I know he’s out of my league. I’m a quiet girl, who sits in class and does the work, and I don’t really talk. My boy on the other hand, is really attractive. The average popular, nice eyes and hair type of guy.

    I’ve lost some of my close friends because of this, they keep on telling me “he’s too good for you” and that I should just stick to my league and I quote “geeky, ugly, quiet type of guys” I’ve also lost my “religious friends”. I’m a Muslim and he’s a Sikh and they don’t like that. But when he walks past they call him peng and really good looking oh yh and they wear a hijab (headscarf)

    It all started near gcse, I used to help him out with maths, and when he got a grade 6 in one of his class mocks, he came to me and he was just so happy, he kissed me.

    He always spends time with me and he calls me beautiful, he says that he don’t want the other type of girls (popular) he like girls like me.

    But I don’t believe him, he always talks to the other girls and apparently according to my “friend”, he’s always flirting in class with the popular girls who are “way more good looking with sexy features”

    I’m thinking of leaving him, yh I admit I’m not as good looking as the girls he’s used to and I don’t want to be an embarrassment, (he’s never posted a pic of me on his gram, he’s always posts selfies and some are topless, he gets loads of comments from girls and he replies to them, which kind of makes me feel that he wants them type of girls.

    I don’t want to loose him, I’ll never get a guy like him again, how can I stop these thoughts? My friends really keep telling me that he flirts with girls. I really think that the kiss was probably an accident, and he just doesn’t want To hurt my feelings.
    he doesn't seem like a* bf material. This relationship also doesn't seem like it will last so why hold on in sadness when you can just part and meet more compatible people.
    also cut off anyone calling you too ugly. you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
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    I can not agree more with Sukhi99
    they're just jealous that they are still single

    Honestly girl,if you don’t trust him then let him go because what’s a relationship without trust... also you say he replies to other girls commenting on his pics?you need to let him know you don’t like it and it’s disrespectful. You deserve better than feeling as if you’re not good enough x
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Updated: November 13, 2017
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