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    I have just done a practice LNAT test in 40 mintues - I was just wondering if anyone who has done/ is doing the LNAT has any advice to give and could please have a skim over it to see what they think? The question is 'In Western society, arranged marriages should no longer be tolerated.' :

    Arranged marriages are marriages where an individual is forced into marrying somebody without their own choice being taken into consideration. While western values of liberalism and emancipation for the individual do not coincide with a vision of marriage without choice, it is not only western society where arranged marriages shouldn’t be tolerated. When taking ‘tolerate’ to mean taking a stand against and aiming to prevent, western society should not tolerate arranged marriages in any country.
    Firstly, the call for arranged marriages not to be tolerated is not based on cultural views but on human rights. Many argue that the western’s current culture that every individual should have control of their lives provides a foundation for why arranged marriages should not be tolerated. Such an argument, however, means that in countries where the current culture is based on arranged marriages which are part of a religious or traditional belief, arranged marriages should be tolerated. Arranged marriages, however, should be opposed on the basis of human rights – the right to marry freely. Such a right has its foundation on an individual being human. This foundation cuts across cultural and social expectations meaning it is universal to all humans from all cultures. It hence follows that arranged marriages should not be tolerated anywhere.
    Many argue, however, that western society has only the responsibility to make claims on behalf of western society itself. This argument hence concludes that while arranged marriage should not be tolerated in any society, the Western world can only claim that it shouldn’t be tolerated in the Western world. This, however, seems like a hypocritical statement to make. Western countries regularly intervene into international politics – bombing Iran, for example, or condemning the leader of Myanmar for allowing the Rohingya people to be persecuted. Such intervention reveals that western countries believe they have a role to play on the global spectre. If such countries feel willing to condemn political atrocities or start wars why would they not feel willing to claim that arranged marriages should not be tolerated anywhere?
    If the Western world allows toleration of arranged marriages to take place in non-western society, arranged marriages will still continue. In recent years there has been a campaign encouraging young girls, who are being taken abroad to have an arranged marriage, to place metal spoons in their underwear to alert security guards at the airport of this intention. This campaign highlights how arranged marriages take place largely outside western society and it follows that if western society tolerates arranged marriages less, more arranged marriages, instead of being carried out within western society, will take place abroad. While western society may ban and aim to limit the number or arranged marriages that take place, it cannot eradicate arranged marriages while ‘havens’ where they are still permitted exist. In order to decrease the number of arranged marriages that take place the western world can’t tolerate arranged marriages anywhere.
    To conclude, arranged marriages should not be tolerated in any part of the globe. While western societies may be unwilling to make such a claim, in order to end and reduce arranged marriages they need to intervene. This is on the basis that a marriage based on choice is a human right and while arranged marriage is still tolerated in parts of the globe, many marriages won’t be based on this freedom of choice.
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    I'm happy to read over someone else's if thats helpful!
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