Hey guys this is just a quick update on what I've been up to and a plea for help!! I know I said I would be blogging daily and I actually did aswll but what happened is that my blogs wouldn't come directly under one another so I've decided to write them as separate threads to make it easier for you guys to find and read.AND DONT WORRY FROM NOW ON I WILL BLOG DAILY IF THATS WHAT YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE??

I know this is a change from last times topic but I really need you guys best revision tips! I've got one week left till my English and Maths mocks and I've only just managed to start revising due to me being extremely LAZY and having other immediate exams to revise for.
Please help me guys because this is all that is on my mind right now !
My goal for the rest of today and tommorow is
  • Start revising English Lit and doing the characters for each novel/play
  • Practice Maths questions

That's all for now folks!I hope you guys are still interested in my journey and I will continue blogging it everyday too!


P.S do you guys want me to post in the morning or towards the end of the day?
P.P.S I'll be sharing some pictures of my revision soon..
P.P.P.S don't forget to share your revision tips down below for all subjects and trust me it's well appreciated!!