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    My gf wont have sex with me suddenly and she says it's because and i quote 'its become a chore to her', obviously i dont want to force it but im 20 and so i obviously want to have sex. The bit that really pisses me off is that she wont go to the doctor about or anything, any suggestions?

    If someone ceases to like something you have three choices:

    1 - change/adapt the thing they dislike into an altered form that they may like
    2 - let them stop doing it and find something new to do
    3 - force them to keep doing it anyway.

    As its your girlfriend that means:

    1 - work together to make sex more enjoyable, have a possibly painful talk about it, and then try and find a new aproach
    2 - break up, let her get excited by a new man
    3 - force her to stay together until eventually she relents and has sex.


    1 is the best option, but its hard and takes a lot of effort and time
    2 is the most likely option
    3 is very unlikely, and almost impossible unless you are married and older, and even then its probably not going to work.

    You choose.

    (Original post by Rinsed)
    It doesn't sound like she needs a doctor. It sounds like she needs a new boyfriend.
    i just burst into laughter
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    Is she on some form of hormonal contraception? Sometimes that can kill your sex drive.
    There are lots of reasons she could have gone off sex, but the above could be one of them.
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    She says it's becoming a chore, therefore it means it's boring for her, it's not fun, interesting or enjoyable. Therefore you need to work with her to change that. You're sounding like it's all because of her. In my opinion, it sounds like she feels it's something she has to do to keep you happy. If she doesn't give you sex, then it means you're not happy. Which isn't how it works. You need to talk with her calmly and ask her why it feels like a chore for her, and then come up with a solution that satisfies you both. You don't sound concerned for your girlfriend, you just sound concerned that you're not getting any, which makes you sound like a d*ck.
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