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Big food stores Online Applications? Is it even possible? watch

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    I mean, i've been trying for the past two years to apply to my local big shopping store as a Sales assistant. You have now online applications and Situation Assessment Questionnaire. I have tried it numerous of times myself and showed those questions to an experienced person in the field. My answers and logical and reasonable. But i keep failing it. Terrible news - if you make 1 mistake - you are screwed. My wild guess would be that most of the people working there are someone's friends/relatives who also work there (thats how my friend got her job - through her brother already working there). My chances are miserably low. Am I right? Want to hear your opinions/advice. Thank you!

    Been trying for 7 years at Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and all the other big supermarkets. Even during christmas holidays when they 'supposedly' take on 'LOADS' of people. It. Is. Not. Possible. Unless you have a family member who works there you cannot get in. It's just impossible. I've done every online application answer variation posible. I've written down every single answer and done every single variation possible. Every single one came back negative. I've done every nationality availble. Every sexuality. Every everything. Nothing. Works. I've done online applications, pestered and pestered and pestered for paper paplications. Nothing. Works. I went in and asked at the customer service desk at tesco and the woman said that you will only really get a job there if you have a family member etc. I said then whats the point of advertising? She said that they have to advertise because they need people. Me: But if no one can get a job why advertise? If you need people, you advertise, you hire. But if you never hire people unless they have relatives there, why advertise? She said but we do need people. So I said great! Could I have an application then. The online system doesn't work. She said we don't have paper applications. I said can I speak to your manager then please. If only to make a complaint about the online system not working. She said I don't think that's necessary. So I said, oh? So you do have paper applications? No. So can I speak to the manager then. She goes off and gets him. He comes back looking petrified. I explained. He said I'm very sorry but do you have a relative working for Tesco? I said yes. He said brilliant. When can you start? I said next week. Great. Filled out paperwork. (Funnily enough, he suddenly had a paper form at the ready!) I filled it out. One question was 'what is the name of the relative that workd at Tesco? I left it blank. I put it in an envelope, sealed it and handed it in. Got a call back 2 days later. 'Sorry. There are no reasons why you would be suitable for this role at Tesco. Thank you '.

    So no. It is NOT frickin possible.
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