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    ucas application - not being able to decide on a uni/parents are unhappy with it, strained relationship with siblings, a-levels stressing me out too much, friendships literally breaking down/ drifting away, can't deal with driving lessons, hate my part time job. All this is literally making me want to cry and damaging the way i think. What can i do to make myself feel better???

    Part of this is relatable.

    You take a step back.
    You make a list, you write down hiw best to tackle all these.
    You follow this, doing your best and knowing you're trying, you feel proud. Because that's an achievement, overcoming strain eith a tackle plan.

    Is it lack of motivation? Is it laziness? or do you genrally not want to make anything out of yourself; pardon me for sounding cold but i was in th exact same situation as you. i seeked help online as i felt alone. Don't get me wrong their are lots of amazing people on this platfrom who can give you advice on some next level but it's about you.

    Think, are you doing something wrong, are spending more time sleeping then studying, do you feel tired all the time? are you leaving work/ revision till last minute, or do you fear rejection?

    You have a whole life ahead of you, your only young! don't base youself on the saying that by 22 you must have a degree, it's bogus! Lifes meant to be for challenges, for failing, for standing up again, for smiling, for crying, if we never had these experiences would we learn?

    Peer pressure and family expectations can get to a lot of people, the action you must take is avoiding it, they will say it to your face a million times you should nod and leave the room. This life is yours girl! make something out of it, don't let others expectations get to you, you are special!

    Plan, where do you see youself in 5-10 years time? Set goals, write those goals on post it notes and stick them all over your room (make them short term acheivable ones which you can build up on as you go along)

    But lastly dream, and work hard, remeber no one acheives anything by sulking and hating their life, you have to work for it, don't do it for others do it for yourself
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    you guys are honestly so right, i need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with life, people have it worse than me. I have to opportunity to gain an education and make something of my life.

    Year 13 was still the most stressful period of my life and I'm 23 now. Too many big decisions uni-wise, and too much pressure with A levels. I'd say do the best you can, if afterwards you realise you made the wrong choices e.g. uni wise, you can change.

    I'd also say prioritise and focus on the most important. For me that'd be:
    - Uni and A levels
    - Friends and familly
    - Part time job (depending on financial situation obviously)
    - Driving

    But obviously depends on you, I personally cut the driving when I was 17 and re-took lessons after graduating and passed easily then.
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