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hello all

Basically last year at uni I was really good friends with a guy from my accomodation. We used to message almost every day and used to hang out a lot, as we have similar interests. He had a girlfriend so I think a few people thought our friendship was a bit too close but I never saw it as that. There were several occasions when he was very flirty with me etc whilst having a girlfriend. Recently this year they split up. I hadn't really spoken to him over summer as he started acting a bit weird around me at the end of last year, like really controlling. I found out that he had been telling our friends that I made a move on him last year and that its so obvious that I would message him soon and would ask him out. And he didn't want to see me as he "knew" I would want to flirt with him, when I never instigated any flirtatious behaviour last year, it was him. I was so angry about him saying horrible things about me that I haven't spoke to him and one evening completly blanked him. Now hes freaking me out, being very very friendly, asking me to go for drinks, asking me why i'm late to places, sitting next to me whenever he has the opportunity, asking to see me on campus and for me to meet him on campus more often.

What is this? people think he made up rubbish about me because he wants it to be true and wants me to want him. I don't know if he wants me or if hes just bored. We were good friends and I sometimes miss our friendship - but i'm not interested in anything more than friendship. but I don't know whether to speak to him or whether to just completely continue ignoring him ( but hes in our group of friends) I've tried to be just civil but hes being overly friendly now.
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Hi! It seems like a complicated situation so from what I’ve grasped, despite my policy normally being that it’s better to talk it out, you should ignore him. I’ve got the impression that if you try and have a serious talk with him he won’t listen or understand it differently. Or maybe talk to a friend who knows him to? Anyway I hope it all gets sorted soon
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