Hello there everyone.

Greetings from India!

So I want to create a thread where people can discuss their issues, problems or suggestions pertaining to the postgraduate courses at UCL Institute of Education. Hope this discussion gets picked up as I have failed to locate an alternative for this particular topic. Future applicants, current students and alumni - all are welcome to share their queries and recommendations.

Personally, I am gearing up to apply for the institute's MA in Sociology of Childhood and Child Rights. Being a sophomore ( Sociology Major in an Open University ) at present with a high 2:1 (69.32%) I am hoping that I do stand a chance at the varsity. Also, I have already three internships under my belt - with two of them being a media apprenticeship and one in a socio-legal research centre at a top law university and one which is fully funded by UNICEF, West Bengal. I am also volunteering for a much celebrated NGO with whom I have a current affiliation of almost two years now.

I am basically searching for opportunities for a partial funding or a bit more and suggestions regarding my profile and the course. What can I do or not do to increase my prospects?

And that's about it for now and I do fervently hope for others to join me too in the conversation below. So that our doubts can be put to a silence.