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Why do y’all still look at and like an ex’s social media right after a breakup? watch

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    I’m still fairly young and don’t have a lot of dating experience to be honest. My friends believe that I’m being very naive about what’s going on with my recent breakup. I believe I’m seeing things very rationally.

    My ex said he thought about marriage with me and kids. He’s never loved anyone as much as me. So he was very serious about me.

    So I technically broke up with him the beginning of October. I tried to get back together a week or so later. He turned me down and said he had moved on. I left and he ended up sending me 3 messages that night, another one the next morning. I ignored 3 of the 4 messages. He kept going on about how the breakup was really hard for him and it was hard to go back. How he wanted to stay but couldn’t. I responded and he sent me a handful more messages that I didn’t respond to. I got another message for him saying he was struggling and I said same for me.

    Weeks later my friends believed he tried to make me jealous. He snapped a video of his food and he slowly moved the camera up to a girl that he clearly was on a date with and I’m 99% sure it was the exact same place he took me on our first date based on his caption. He’s a pretty private person and we still follow each other on social media, it was the same restaurant, and he just messaged me saying he was struggling a few weeks prior so that’s why they believe he did this on purpose. I think he’s just moving on and is doing what single people do.

    Meanwhile, he’s been looking at my Snapchat pretty much every time I post (it tells you who has viewed it) and liked a picture that I posted of the city last night. I believe he’s just looking at and liking things because that’s what social media is for. My friends on the other hand believe that I’m wrong about my situation.

    So guys, why do y’all still look and like your exes social media when the breakup is still fresh?

    I stalk that ish. Well only thing I stalk is Snapchat I don't have him on anything else. It's for the better.

    I even view his Snapchat count ...and it pisses me off...he has time to view but not text me.

    When you break up you should stop but it's so dang hard .

    Eh depends. I don't check any social media for about 6 months, then I end up looking out of curiosity. There is one guy though that 3 years on I still get something from checking out what he's been up to. Maybe it's because none of the guys I've been with have been particularly active on social media or have got into relationships since me.
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