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What does he want?? (Pls need some advice :( ) watch

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    My Ex And I broke up a month ago
    And it ended badly,
    We barely spoke after the breakup
    And there were some mixed signals
    But he had he has moved on and doesn’t have feelings.
    But he always looked at me, tried to draw attention and did some weird things.

    We recently had a two week holiday
    And yesterday was the first day back,

    And so this is what happened:

    I see my ex had removed me off on Snapchat
    And lost our 90 day streak (yes we continued to have streak after the break up)

    And at school he was telling his best friend
    How “she really still into me” and rolled his eyes and was super proud when he said that.

    But the whole day, he was trying to come near me, even have lunch with me and my friends
    And grazed my back on purpose
    And talks to my friend who I’m having a convo with right in the middle.

    We haven’t even spoken for 3 weeks, and I think it’s immature how’s done this and feels he has the right to say how I feel and how I’m “really into him still”
    We haven’t even spoken and I haven’t said anything either.

    Like blocking me on snap only as well, we are still friends everywhere else.
    Loosing our streak?
    Telling other people I like him?
    And trying to come near me all the time yesterday?

    I think it’s attention from me he’s missing
    Cause I’ve been very happy lately but I don't know

    He also was talking to my friend and someone mentioned my name from another convo and he stopped talking to my friend and looked in that direction and just got lost in thought...

    It’s been a week now, and I never confronted him on removing me nor have been acting indifferent (I’m showing that it doesn’t affect me) and I’ve been just living my life as normal.

    But today. After the end of this week, he added me back again on Snapchat..
    like how embarrassing is that.. sending me a friend request again..
    Like what is he trying to get at here?

    Why would he remove me and then add me again?
    Cause I didnt have a reaction to him removing me?

    What is he trying to do??

    Any help is appreciated (:
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    Gurllll, 100% do not add him back.
    If he wants it he will hunt for it,
    He acting like a kid, tryna get your attention, could be some stupid advice his feiend gave him.
    Ignore it, stay happy and when you see him in school dont even pay attention absoultey ignore him show him what he lost!!
    As I said if he desperatly wants you vack he will figure a way leave it, dont even worry babe <3
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    Do u think he has feelings for me though?
    He told me when we broke up he doesn’t have feelings and has moved on (a month ago)
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    The best thing you can do is if you have an arguement infront of people is to say, I dont talk about you so why do you talk about me. And he's acting like this because he does miss the attention from you, I dont think he likes you he just wants the ego boost from you liking him and a reaction so make sure you IGNORE HIM.
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