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    I understand that this thread must have been made countless times, but I was wondering if there was any advice previous A/A* OCR Biology students could give? I've been making my notes on Word directly from the textbook and then answering the end of chapter questions, though I'm having revision anxiety over whether the information is actually going in or if this is just short-term stuff that I'll end up forgetting. I've tried making notes by hand but it just doesn't seem efficient to me, it takes me so much longer to cover an entire topic and I don't really think it has as much of a benefit over making notes on a computer - for me anyway. I've considered doing mind-maps but I also feel like that is going to take me way too long.

    I know exam practice is another viable method of learning, however the problem is I haven't actually learnt the content yet, so I don't really want to delve into doing practice papers. I also know there's mind maps/revision cards or whatever but I'm the kind of person that will make one and never look at it again. I only have 6 months between now and my A2 exam so I want to prioritise my time as efficiently as possible (whilst also revising for my other two subjects), so I don't really want to spend so much time making mind maps and stuff when I can just make notes and go over the topics so much faster - yet the problem is, is that stuff really sticking with me? Any tips would be much appreciated, thank you.

    Tbh it all depends on the style of revision that works for you. At the beginning of my A2 year, I found myself making colourful notes because that seemed to be the standard thing that people did. Before long I realised that actually, I prefer to just read my textbook cover to cover and explain it to others to see my level of understanding. I wasted so much time making these notes that I never even used, but others would find this way their best way of revision! It really depends on you if I’m honest. GCSE/AS is normally a great time to identify what works for you, but if you haven’t yet found it, perhaps use class tests and mocks etc to work it out?
    Good luck x
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Updated: November 14, 2017
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