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    Hi I'm 14 and I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian but I'm not sure if I'm ready to come out, I would love to come out cause I known I would be happier but there are people at school how always stop me.also there's the issue with sleepovers, will my friends be okay with it and other stupid things like in the changing rooms at school. I'm just asking from experience and to see if these things are an issue in your life or you learn to get used to it. Thank you
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    There isn't a REQUIREMENT to come out. You could go on just doing you, but if you feel it would make you happier then;
    Have your friends ever shown any negative attitude towards gay people? If not then I'm sure they won't mind. if they do feel uncomfortable though, then I'm sure they'll get used to the idea with time and be fine with sleepovers and in changing rooms. If they freak out, that's them, so don't feel ashamed. I'd say it really depends on the person, you know them best more then anyone on here.

    I was in a similar position when i was 14, and coming out dropped a huuuge weight. In my experience my closest friends knew already so coming out to them was pointless though lmao. I was lucky enough to have nothing change between any of my friends,

    If you do decide to come out, make sure you are fully comfortable to. You can start off small as well to someone you KNOW won't mind. Don't rush into it
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    I felt like you did when i was 14. i assumed everyone was homophobic and would't like me anymore, but I couldn't be more wrong. My friends were and are still so supportive. I worried about the changing rooms and sleepovers situation too, but they were all very comfortable with it. If you're not sure of your friends views, perhaps you could bring it into a conversation and see how they react. Don't rush, take your time. If you're worried, then you could just tell one friend, then tell more people once you feel better about it.

    Good luck

    You can come out whenever you feel ready. If you don’t feel ready don’t come out if your friends are really your friends they will accept you for who you are.
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    As someone who is 14 and also keeping their sexuality "undisclosed" (the irony 😂), I feel like you should only come out when you feel you're ready. The only reason why I haven't is because a) there's a rumour-spreader who ALWAYS hangs around with me and my friends and b) because my family are muslim.

    Anyway, this isn't about me... Come out when you think the time is right. There's no point in coming out and realising you still feel uncomfortable. Just to make sure that you're friends are okay with your sexuality (if you want to), try to ask hypothetical questions, like "if my sister (or "me" if you're feeling brave!) was lesbisan, would you still come round for sleepovers?"

    One thing is for sure, if I was your friend in real life I would totally support you

    I hope this helped x
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