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Time to walk away from the "talks" unless and until the EU gets real watch

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    As things stand, the only withdrawal deal on offer from the EU would require the UK to agree to the EU’s demands without any guarantee of being able to secure a reasonable future trade deal on terms better than the WTO.

    The EU wants to require the UK to agree to its financial demands, to accept that every EU citizen resident in the UK has the right to live in the UK forever and for that right to be extended to parents and children. The EU would also make remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union a pre-requisite to having a frictionless border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    The EU’s negotiators are insisting that any future trade relationship should be made conditional upon a whole raft of protectionist and anti-competitive requirements which would severely handicap the UK’s freedom to negotiate genuine free trade deals with the rest of the world.

    No free trade deal can be agreed in parallel with the Article 50 withdrawal agreement because each of the 27 EU countries would have a veto on that deal – and would exercise it if they would otherwise face competition from the UK on tax, employment conditions, safety regulations and relaxation of restrictions on GM crops.

    The EU would require that any transitional deal would have to be signed as part of a withdrawal agreement before any agreement was in place on the UK’s future relationship with the EU: during the transitional period, the status quo would prevail with the Single Market, Customs Union and European Court of Justice etc. having the same roles as at present; the UK would have no ability to control EU immigration during that period and would not even have the right to enter into trade deals with other countries.

    Time to walk away from these negotiations for the right to negotiate. If they want to cut a deal then we should talk. Despite their utterly dysfunctional organisational structure. And maleficence.

    If not WTO rules. We are wasting our time.

    Walking away is the only way to get any kind of better deal than WTO. It may not succeed (personally I don't think they are serious about cutting a deal and prefer to cut off their nose to spite their face because of their fear everyone else will want to leave so wonderfully attractive is their little union) but this is the only way forward at this juncture.

    We can't offer any more, we have been eminently reasonable. If they are going to offer nothing but these absurd proposals, we need to tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

    And the Remoaners, (who are the enemy within just now, but still have the opportunity to be patriots, even at this late stage) need to stop their treasonous plotting with the enemy in Brussels and get behind the position.


    If they don't, if they continue to weaken our negotiating position, they will go down in history as Quislings. Hated by future generations.

    Nick Clegg the liar on student loans, the failed Deputy Prime Minister. the political pygmy, trying to get involved in the most complicated foreign policy issue for half a century???

    Jesus. What did the country do to deserve "politicians" like him?

    We are having talks about talks . It's silly.

    Nick Clegg isn't even an MP atm, what a ****ing failure 😂😂😂

    The only thing Lib Dems have going for them is their diehard worship of the EU in a pathetic attempt to gain support from remoaners Luckily, they are practically non-existent atm.
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    (Original post by Chaz254)
    Nick Clegg isn't even an MP atm, what a ****ing failure 😂😂😂

    The only thing Lib Dems have going for them is their diehard worship of the EU in a pathetic attempt to gain support from remoaners Luckily, they are practically non-existent atm.
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