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Over-glorifying being a teenager? watch

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    I’ve been thinking about this today that when I was younger I couldn’t wait to be a teenager but now I’m here it really sucks.

    I do enjoy the school environment but I’ve realised how many people are fake and how common it is for someone to completely screw up the flow of things with one singular move, for example I’ve essentially been dropped from a 12 year friendship but now so much truth is being revealed and leaving the rest of the group in a bad position because of it.

    I didn’t expect to be this confused with my life including friendships, deciding GCSEs in year 8 to realising how much pressure we are out under.

    I expected for me to have my life figured out by now considering I’m choosing my A-levels which is okay I guess but after that do I know what I want to do? Not at all.

    Basically I feel like movies should stop going down the typical high school route and show realistic issues that don’t get resolved perfectly. I mean just make a document of my life tbh.

    This post was just an insight to my mind but feel free to add any rants
    We’re all just trying our best here.
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    Hey, what kind of pressure(s) do you feel under now?
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    I totally agree. For some people being a teenager is the best time of their lives, but for alot of people it is frustrating as you feel you should be having fun and finding amazing friends and having great experiences but the reality is being a teenager can feel empty and nothing-y if that makes sense. I think the people who pretend to have fun all the time are doing just that - pretending. Nobody is having fun all the time so noone is alone really x

    Schools and colleges only care about grades nowadays. Not their students' wellbeing or whatever. If only they knew earlier that you don't learn the most important lessons in school

    Like you, I feel like a lot of media falsely represents and over-hypes being a teenager. Perhaps the closest, most honest portrayal comes from the UK version of Skins.

    It's a lot duller than I expected. However, being a teenager gives you the opportunity to **** it all up (like you inevitably will at some points in the rest of your life) but also have a fresh start as you move into adulthood. I'm not saying that you should go out of your way to go on some reckless spree of drugs and sex, but if such a thing happens, not all is lost. All you need to do is be reassured that things will get better, you didn't **** up your whole life (not by far), and to learn from your mistakes.

    These are some of the most stressful times of your life, along with possibly your early and mid-20s. If you make it through, congrats! You are an adult. It might seem like a lot of things are beyond your control right now, and certainly I get upset over this sometimes, but you must have faith that these things happen for a reason.

    Keep strong, cheers.

    every part of life is over-glorified by the other parts.

    Childhood is the best time of your life.. but when your a child, teenage life looks better.. as a teenager you cant wait to see what its like to be a student, and then to work, and then to retire, and so on and so on.

    We glorify all of them, and the actuality is the same for all of them - they may be good, they may be bad. For each of us one will end up being the best time of our life, but it is no way determinable or predictable.
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