How can I gain weight?

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I recently went through a traumatic experience which has led to loss of appetite and becoming underweight. I was never heavy before, but I am now struggling to fit in a UK size 6, before I was in an 8/10. I find it hard to gain weight due to a high metabolism, when I was younger I was constantly eating and never gained.

My diet now is different, I am vegetarian. How can I gain weight? I'm sick of my body and I want my old figure back. I can't go back to eating meat so that isn't an option. The smells knocks me sick let alone eating it. I have a good diet but I do struggle with full meals (as I said, the experience left me with a loss of appetite, I think my stomach may have shrank because I refused to eat for 4/5 days at the start).

A few people have recommended protein shakes but all I can find are muscle gain, none for fat.
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Go online and find a "Basal Metabolic Rate" calculator. Input your stats and you'll have a value of how many calories your body burns at rest every day. Multiply this by a value of around 1.5 if you're reasonably active, and eat good meals. Try and include a good portion of "slow release" carbohydrates e.g. brown rice, and avoid trying to put on a lot of weight quickly, this is just as much as a fad as quick weight loss diets will be. Also, go for the protein shakes, gaining muscle mass over fat is the healthier option, chances are if you're underweight you may have a low level of lean muscle anyway. Drinking protein shakes and gaining muscle mass will not make you look like the hulk!

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