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How do you ace listening,reading and speaking exam at language GCSE? watch

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    I'm doing Spanish but a language is a language and the most probably share the same tips. In this case, can you tell me any secrets and ways to pass these exams?! Thanks

    Listen to Spanish radio/news! There are a few different apps to chose from, and live streams on Youtube. That'll help you get used to identifying words and phrases that are commonly used, and it'll help with your pronunciation. Finding Spanish singers you like would be good too.

    It's also worth finding a list of common words (e.g and, but, if, therefore, after, up, down, etc), and make sure you're familiar with words in topics that are bound to come up. Usually it's stuff like jobs, towns, the environment, school life and things like that.


    Listening - Complete as many past papers as possible. For different specifications, for past exams etc just listen to the recordings and try to fill in the answers. Save the past papers for your specification until the end but try to get used to listening exams.

    Reading - Same as above.

    Speaking - Practice speaking to somebody else. Even if they don't speak spanish, they'll still be able to ask you the questions (you'll have to give them a list of questions to ask you). You'll get used to having to speak without pausing. Also, record yourself and play it back so you can check if what you're saying is accurate. Obviously if you're able to practice speaking with someone who speaks spanish that would be ideal but its unlikely that you'll be able to do this outside of class.

    Good luck!

    Duolingo and memrise mah friend x

    I'm doing GCSE French
    What helps me is listening to French music (and learning what the lyrics means in English) and watching French movies with English subtitles. It just makes it all more engaging for me. This can also really help with the listening exam. Also, do you know any Spanish speaking people? If so, try making everyday conversations with them. If not, you can practice with your friends/classmates from Spanish class. Language is a very social subject, and I learned just in time sitting down and reading tonnes of translations just doesn't help
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