I stayed at my friend's house last night and my gf is not happy

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Last night after uni I went to the pub to meetup with a friend and her friends after her dancing.
My friend asked me if I wanted to stay at her house since she stayed nearby (I stay a fair distance away from uni) so I just accepted. However, the issue I have been presented with is my girlfriend. I love my girlfriend and would never hurt her or even dream of cheating on her. We have been together for near enough 6 years but this has caused a real issue in our relationship. I know it was naive to just stay over at a girl's house and I now regret it. But we are friends and I slept in the living room whilst she slept in her bedroom.
My gf is incredibly jealous and doesn't trust me that nothing happened
What can I do?
I don't want to lose my girlfriend over one night where we just watched films, listened to music and talked
My close friends have always been girls since an early age but my relationship is currently on the rocks
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Your girlfriend has issues she needs to work on. You've been in a (what I'm assuming) is a good relationship for 6 years. You stayed at a friend's house. I'm assuming your girlfriend knows about this friend and has met her so knows you two are just friends.

Honestly it says a lot about your girlfriend that after 6 years she thinks you'll cheat on her. She needs to get over this issue. It isn't your problem. It's normal for friends to stay over at each other's houses for the night.

Could your friend talk to your girlfriend? Try and reassure her you guys are literally just friends? There isn't much you can do if your girlfriend has trust issues. Has she been cheated on in the past? Has she suspected you of cheating before?

I know you don't want to hear this, but if after 6 years she still doesn't trust you, then that's something to really think about.
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You've been together 6 years and girl is getting mad over you staying at a friends? That isn't really on you - my girl let me drive someone I used to like home and spend an hour at hers alone until she picked me up (so I could drink), and that was after a month. After that amount of time she should trust you, and if not when you talk it out she should at least trust that you wouldn't lie to her.

I mean you were an idiot - do you not know how that'll look but your choices are either be really nice to 'win her back' although that causes presumptive guilt as in he's only being nice because he did it, or totally blow off her complaints as if she's stupid for even thinking you'd do it and hope you've got enough rapport for her not to walk (or of course any combination of the two extremes). But at the very least talk it out properly.

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