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Friendly flirting or is this more? watch

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    Me and this guy (A) have been friends for over a year. A few months ago I slept with his friend (B) from uni. However, his friend ended up hurting me and we are no longer sleeping together, but civil.

    Guy A came down to a party with me, and we ended up getting to know each better, particularly because I opened up my difficult times at the moment and he opened up to me. Bearing in mind he did say he wouldn't cross his friend.I didn't have a place to stay so he told me that I can crash at his for a while till I sort things out, and happily wanted to provide me with emotional support.

    Anyway, we already said we would never get together because we wouldn't want to hurt his friend. I noticed the whole time we were together he would be doing things that felt like he wanted me but also reluctance too. He constantly complimented every aspect of me, touching me or remained super close to me (like when we held hands he always made sure to linger, when we walk he would put his arm around my lower back/waist, stroke my hair, touch my face), he kept asking questions about my personal life. He said i was perfect to him. Even joked about being his wifey at some point in his life. But despite all of this, sleeping half naked together or even being so close sometimes in that kissable distance, we both didn't kiss or sleep together. The most he did was kiss the back of my neck and shoulders the last night i spent at his.

    Its clear he was attracted to me, and wanted to know more about me. I just want to know before I see him next that this wasn't just friendly flirting?

    I stopped reading after you said you slept with his friend sorry.

    It doesn't sound like friendly flirting to be fair. He probably really likes you otherwise he would have maintained a pretty distantish relationship with you considering what happened between you and his friend.
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